Colour pop: My Victorian house is filled with colour and joy!


I am not a grey home kinda girl. I don’t subscribe to the scandi vibe of interior design. I am a colourful person and my home reflects this. My Victorian terrace is filled with colour and joy at every turn.

We do like clutter

We don’t like mess but we are messy.

When we visit the house for the first time we totally fell in love with it. The sitting room was nuitrul and beige. The dining room was white and and red and the kitchen white and wood. The halls way had a gorgeous plush dark green carpet and the bead rooms, except for the master where white.

We were lucky with the decor

The house was decorated tastefully and me and Gavin knew that we could live in it straight away.

Richard the last owner asked us if we would change anything and we truthfully told him we wanted the whole dining room red. He said that they tried it but it was just too dark. We thanked him and left it the way it is.

We are going to repaint the house but just a fresh coat rather than any big changes.


What did we do

Well I love a cozy sitting room. To me it’s a place that you disappear to at night. It doesn’t need to be bright and light. Our house is fairly dark so we embraced it. We kept the taupy beige colour on the walls and looked for a bold teal to dress the fire place.

This took a long time to fine. Gavs version of teal is turquoise and mine is well teal. I painted a lot of a3 papers with tester pots! They we scattered around the dining room till we decided.

We found the perfect colour and it’s name is Teal Tension! Perfect name after all the arguments we had over a colour.

So our house has a lot of colour! I feel like it could do with a bit more! Maybe after the wedding!

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