Low energy, no motivation is the couch my new best friend?

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It may be the holiday blues. I may just be being hard on myself but at the moment when I come home from work I don’t want to do anything. We eat dinner and then the couch gives me a hug and then I hop into bed.

I have lost my mojo.

Low energy

I wake up at 5am every morning. I stretch, do yoga, shower, eat a nutritious breakfast and head to work!


I do wake up at 5am give or take 20minutes. Only because the dog gets lonely and starts barking. As we don’t want grumpy neighbours or a grumpy Gav! I go downstairs and bring Frank upstairs for morning cuddles and a lie in.

I am not a faffer. I like to get up ( for the second time) shower. Have a cup of tea.

Mmm tea

Then I take Frank for his morning walk to stretch his little legs. Give him his breakfast. Then me and Gav walk to the station together which is my favourite part of the day!

I hop on a bus, get to work and have my breakfast. I can’t eat first thing in the morning so I get to work early so I can have my last cup of tea and get ready for work. I have food at work so it’s easy to prepare.

Sorry for the boring bit!

No motivation

When I get home I don’t want to do anything. Cooking and cleaning are the last thing I want to do. I am not motivated at all. The couch is calling me, along with Netflix and YouTube.

It is hard to start exercising when you don’t want to get your arse off up the couch.

I know what I have to do. I need to change my eating habits, I need more healthy foods and to exercise. Which is easy to say but not execute when you have no motivation.



My whinging is boring me. So today I walked home. The sky threatened to rain the whole way but didn’t. And I found the most beautiful Magnolia blossoms which I would not have seen or smelt this incredible tree if I had got the bus!

I stood under it in awe.

I am planning on walking again tomorrow and go for a run at the weekend.

This is the plan.


  1. Swap unhealthy for healthier snacks
  2. Meal plan
  3. Meal prep for lunches
  4. Walk home 2-4 times a week
  5. Run 2-3 times a week

That’s the plan. I needed to be held accountable for my actions and my weight. After a week of exercise my body isn’t in bad shape, my stomach got a bit of a toning but now is not the time to back track.

I have to push myself. I don’t want regrets, I want to be proud of myself.

My body has been good to me so far. My health is good and it has got me through a lot!

So I will still be having my nightly hug with my gorgeous couch!

I want to look good for the wedding and then keep up the fitness up afterwards. My walk was unplanned so I didn’t have headphones but I enjoyed it, it’s a solid 50minute walk through nice streets.

I just have to push myself and stop making excuses!

Wish me luck!

What’s in my hand luggage

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Okay this is just a quick one but these are some of my favourite blogs so here goes!

What’s in my hand luggage for snowboarding

This is my snowboarding bag. Ryan Air don’t let you have a big bag so I had to think carefully about what I packed.


These are my cheapy Primark gloves I bought for a £1. They are a gorgeous forest green and unraveled the first time I wore them. I stitched them up and now they are perfect. I just love the colour. We have a transfer to and from the airports so we don’t meet to go far with the suitcases. But I hate pulling a suitcase in the cold.

Bullet Journal

This baby goes everywhere with me it should really have its own passport!


These are my new goggles and they fit perfectly over my glasses so I don’t have to wear contacts. They come with a cover to protect the lense and we had to buy them last minute as my think glasses were involved in a dog chewing incident!


I always take two books on holiday. I find the glare of a phone too much on a long day. I also like turning pages and physically holding a book.


This little one is perfect. My friend brought it for me for my birthday. It’s suede carries all my cards and money and is stylish too.

It can fit into my pocket and at the moment it is holding my house keys.


These are my boarding socks! They were the first pair that Gav bought me and I still use them. They are a little threadbare. But I still use them and they double up as flight socks if I get cold.

The flight is only 3 hours and I generally keep my shoes on for short flights but they are there just in case.


What is a bullet journal without pens? I have two here a Sakura fineliner and and a lestraset fineliner. I like them both I am pretty sure one is a 3 and one is a 5.

Vitamin C

These are boots version of bercocca and are great after a night out or if you are feeling a bit low. We never really go snowboarding without them. Often I like one before I fly.


I have having to root around in a bag to find things. Cables and technology are now essential. We bought these flight bags in a pack and I love them. I normally use them for my make up and skincare. I didn’t want the fuss this time! So I packed them away in the main suitcase. In here I have my multi usb plug and cables, adapter and fully charged charger.

Most airports let you charge so I want too worried about my phone dying but it’s good to be prepared.


Can’t travel without them. I sometimes have hand sanitiser but I left it in the main luggage.

What I bought at the airport

I always travel with a lip balm on me. My lips get dry really easily but I decided to take advantage of tax free shopping and a 20% off voucher and bought myself a lipstick, Gav treated me to this super little Chanel balm which is lovely and light!

I also bought us some new travel toothbrushes. I am being conscious of wasting plastics so tried this bamboo brush. We will see how I feel about this later!

That’s pretty much it!

My snowboarding backpack doesn’t hold too much so that was all I could comfortably fit in!

What do you put in your hand luggage?

First time boarder: lessons learnt safety gear and what to take!


I remember my first lessons on the mountain. I remember the bruises and aches as I crawled into bed that first night. How tricky it was to sleep and how uncomfortable I felt.

I thought that if anyone was going snowboarding for the first time they may want to have a list of items that will get them through their first snowboarding holiday this may be a list you haven’t thought about. Somethings you don’t need but some are essential.

This is just for beginners but let me know if I have forgotten anything!

Safety first

  • helmet
  • Goggles
  • Knee pads
  • Wrist armour
  • Back armour
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip care
  • Water
  • Boarding socks


You can hire these so there is absolutely no excuse. I am saying it

“Only fools learn to snowboard without a helmet”

All it takes is a tap to the head to knock you out or worse. I will never forget the time I had to go straight down this long slope so I didn’t have to walk it. I was flying on this flat I was so excited. Then my board clipped and edge and I fell badly smacking my head.

There is video footage to prove it.

Gav heard the crack from where he was and was worried. My helmet saved my life that day.

Just because you see experienced boarders without helmets doesn’t mean you should follow suit.


This is an absolute necessary. You have no idea how bright it can be up there and no sunglasses do not cut it. If you fall and you will goggles stay attached to your face sunglasses don’t and worse the arm of your glasses can poke you in the eye!

Snow blindness is a real thing and it’s all about the sun reflecting in the perfect white snow! You burn your corneas and have conjunctivitis like results.

Buy goggles. For the same price as a few beers you can protect your eyes.

Knee pads

Not essential but if you want to avoid bruised knees they I would suggest you buy them!

On my secondary of boarding we had to use a drag lifts. Ski resorts are bolt for skiers not boarders.

Drag lifts suck.

I was thrown down the bottom of the slope multiple times my knees were so sore. When I went down the mountain to eat lunch I skied Gav to check my knees and they were sore. He peeled back my leggings to discover blackened purple bleeding knees. We went straight out and bought some pads.

You spend a lot of time on your knees so even a cheap pair of knee pads is going to save you some bruising.

Hopefully you won’t need an ambulance with your name on it!

Wrist armour

The most common injury in snowboarding is a wrist fracture or break.

Sadly I know

Gav always made me wear wrist armour except one day I forgot to put it on. Slipped on a flat and broke my wrist.

After the cast came off I had to sleep with a wrist armour support for three weeks. Now my gloves have inbuilt wrist armour in them so I never forget to go out without them.

Wear wrist armour.

Back armour

After all my breaks and injuries I invested in back armour. I haven’t ever really hurt my back that often but still it’s a great piece of protection to invest in. This is definitely not an essential but it is important.

Bum armour

I sound like a night. The main things you rely on when you fall are your wrists to break your fall. Your knees if you fall forward and you bum if you fall back. Again this is not essential but if you want to feel super safe then treat yourself to some bum armour.


Like goggles, you need to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Yes I have had sunburn on the mountain and it’s not like sunburn at a lower altitude. This shit goes deep in your skin and takes longer to heal. So wear a high factor even if it’s overcast.

Sunscreen is cheap there are no excuses.

Lipcare and water

Only parts of your face will be exposed to the elements and you need to look after them. Ideally buy a lip balm that also have a uv factor in it.

You will need it or end up with dry cracked lips.

Keep a bottle of water on you. Snowboarding is an intensive workout especially if you are just starting out. You sweat a lot especially if it is really cold or really hot. Hydration is key do a good experience.


Are socks a safety item. Maybe not but your comfort is. Never think that two pairs of thin socks are as good as snowboarding socks. Just as your boots need to fit you properly if your socks are too thick or two thin you are going to have issues.

I mean toenails falling off issues!

So wear the right socks!

Round up

All your gear needs to fit you properly. Your comfort is key. Snowboarding gear in general is comfortable, warm and roomy. But it’s what’s underneath that matters.

Vanity on the mountain will get you hurt or killed.

So be smart, wear the right gear. I have picked most of mine up in TK Max for the fraction of the price. People sell there gear on eBay etc. I have only had to buy knee pads at the ski resort and a crappy pair of knee pads set me back £30. I could have got better ones at home and have since upgraded to my Dainese ones.

My point is being safe on the mountain is key to having an enjoyable time. It’s doesn’t have to cost a lot to be safe. Lessons are essential but most importantly if you are a beginner stick to the tracks!

They are there for a reason.

Keep your phone on you fully charged. As a beginner you should never board alone! Reception on the mountain in Europe is normally great! If you get into trouble you can call for help.

Snowboarding is fun, enjoy it!

Please let me know if I have missed anything off.

Wedding Catch Up


It’s been a busy weeklife wise. So, todays blog will just be a quick catch up on what’s beenhappening with the wedding planning and other bits. We go on holiday for a weekto Bulgaria so if you follow me on Instagram you may get a little bored of thepictures.

Bits I have completed

  • Booked hair and makeup trial
  • Sourced napkins
  • Bought some wedding shoes
  • Bought my niece a flower girl dress
  • May have-found bridesmaids dress after all
  • Fix my pompom gloves
  • Snowboarding holiday

Invites haven’t been finished which is naughty as I wanted to post them out at the end of the month.I still may be able to but I need to pull my finger our and get on with it. I have some other paper crafting bits that at first, I thought I would cut it myself but being frugal doesn’t always mean DIY. Sometimes it is cheaper and looks better to outsource. I am looking at Printed.com to get me nice results but we will see.


 The plan is that I dye my napkins by hand. I-am getting the Danette’s involved in this one and as I don’t have a real lawn, Iwill have to cover the whole thing in dust sheets so it doesn’t get dyed. Gavin will kill me. Charlotte went on the hunt for real linen napkins for me so wehave the wonderful task of dying 140 napkins So far she has sourced 85. I have already bought the dye this is going to look lovely on the tables.

 Yay, I am waiting for a warmer day we can do-this.

I did look at hiring linens but because I am cutting the table runners, I thought it made sense to make or dye the napkins to suit our theme. It also worked out that for me andmy friends spending an afternoon changing them far cheaper than hiring. They can-always be cleaned, bundled up and resold after. Plus we can keep a set forever.

I have ordered a lot more wedding bunting which my friend is picking up on her trip home which is great. My friends all over are sourcing some large vintage flags for me.

When everyone asked me-if I needed help. I wasn’t shy and asked people to get things for me.

Wedding shoes

I found some lovely green shoes that I like but they are a little plain. So Jess one of my Danettes is adding a bit of sparkle to my green shoes. She is a master at transforming shoes ( it is her job) but she also has a real love for it. I can’t wait to see the end result. It also means that I can take the pressure of myself to find the perfect Designer shoe. I am still looking but my back up pair are going tobe amazing.

Snow boarding holiday

We are off on holiday this month to the beautiful Bulgaria. I have never been but I am so excited to go. I always have a few jobs to do before. Like sewing up my Primark gloves that unravelled 30 seconds after I put them on.

You get what you pay for!

It took me less than 5 minutes to fix them and I love the colour!

So the rest of the week was all about packing washing and cleaning. I have made a master list and have enjoyed ticking it off. Yes my bullet journal will be coming with me because I need to make more lists!

To do this month

  • Send invites to printers
  • Book legal bit
  • Book lunch on legal bit
  • Order rest of table clothes
  • Get fit
  • Secure band
  • Enjoy my holiday

Time is running out next month it will just be 5 months till we are Husband and Wife and I can wait. Yes I typed that write I can wait. I need more time. he he. I cant wait to be his wife I just hope I can achieve everything. Sorry it was a little short but next Wednesday one is already much longer!

I hope you all have alovely week.

The wax and wane of wedding planning excitement

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So when you get engaged you will find moments of pure bliss then you find moments of pure frustration. This is definitely a Wax and wane situation.
Waiting to find out from suppliers, yes or know can be frustrating enough.

I am currently going through the issue of finding dresses for my bridal party. Its tricky, all different shapes an sizes. Different tastes………. Oh well.
We are looking at pretty much every shop. Zara, ASOS and lots of vintage shops. Collectif is a bit of a favourite at the moment because of the styling. Worse comes to worse I can ask George my friend and super talented seamstress to whip me up some dresses but I will ask her if we haven’t found anything in the next two months.

Under Preasure

I feel pressure to pick something but at the same time I still have 6 months to get this.

So I am going to take a deep breath


And relax


I am not going to rush this. I am going to ignore the pressures and wait for the right dress. I am not wearing the colour dress I wanted so I am not going to be rushed on my Danette choices. I know it when I find it. I have found one that is lovely but it wont suit my sister so unless she goes for something completely glam.


The only issue I am facing is a lot of opinions and no one wanting to offend anyone. They all want to please me and I intern want to please them.
So I am waiting.

Waiting for the right dress. I think I want something colourful and floral. So not your ordinary plan bridal party. I don’t mind if the girls change the neckline, hem sleeves etc to make them feel comfortable. Tailoring can a simple dress look glam. I don’t really want them to look like Stepford wives either. They can wear there own shoes and choose to have their hair and makeup to suit them.


In the UK you pay for your bridal party I was more than a little shocked when I learned that in America you are expected to pay for the dresses. This trend appears to be creaping over here. I hope it doesn’t stay. I am asking enough of my bridal party without asking them to pay for their dress. Imaging having a beautiful but unwearable bridesmaid dress in your wardrobe, taking up space and a waist of money. I have no issues with paying for my ladies, this at all but when it comes to shoes if I decide I would prefer them matching then I will pay for that too.

So right now I feel a wee bit of pressure to complete all my tasks. When I don’t have too. I have enough on my plate at the moment. So I have said it before.

Good things take time. I am marrying the man who makes me so happy. The details can take a back seat for a few days.

I have been told that I am too easy going (what is the opposite of Bridezilla) that i am trying to please everyone. But the truth is I want everyone to feel great.

That’s a fact.

I may have found my shoes……

But I will leave those for another blog.

Snowboarding Outfit planning and packing

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When I first went snowboarding I looked up what to wear!

I had no idea.

Gavin informed me of all the bits I needed for the trip and insisted it was better to buy better pieces. Well ten years on I still have my snowboarding coat. It has a few wears and it came in handy during the snow in Britain a few years ago. But other than a few patches it looks pretty perfect.

It’s a Betty Rides coat and I bought it in TK Maxx for £60. I didn’t even know if I would like it but I go back every year to the slopes sometimes twice!

This isn’t about necessities though that can be on another post. This is about what to pack when you are there!

So firstly if it is your first time on a snow trip then unless you are naturally gifted then you are going to fall over or tumble a lot. This means that you don’t want to pack in anything two restricting after you get off the slopes. I live in jeans I always have I find them so comfy but I won’t be taking my super skinny ones. Instead I will take ones that I can spend all day in and love it.

We are traveling with Ryan air which are a shit but cheapish airline. Normally I wouldn’t complain but the flight may be say 60 but then they charge x amount for hand luggage, x amount for a suitcase. I would rather fly with B & A or virgin but sadly they don’t fly there.

Don’t get me started on flying from Stansted either.

So I always have a travel outfit. To save space I travel in my boarding coat as this would take up so much of my suitcase.

I have a favourite Harry Potter tee that I always travel in and my roomy jeans.

No heels

Let’s talk about shoes. Ladies I promise you don’t need heels. No man cares about your shoes especially when there is snow or worse ice outside. So base you outfits around cute boots and walking shoes! Moon boots are adorable and you can make them work. You can wear trainers if it’s warmer weather!

Ski holidays are often about fun so don’t be afraid to add pops of colour and clashing items. When I first went everything was neutral. Now I love bright turquoise accessories.

Another thing you need to bear in mind is layers. When it’s cold in Britain we know we don’t cope that well. But ski towns are built for the cold. I have never been cold on a ski trip. Maybe on the mountain or a chairlift but never in the town. All the restaurants and bars are lovely and warm so layering is key.

The restaurants hotels hostels are all warm. You don’t need your thickest jumpers. Just think about how hot you get when you travel. Coat jumper tee: perfect layers. It is better to layer up then. A few thin jumpers will see you through.

Night life going out out

We aren’t really clubby people but when we are on holiday we sometimes will spend the night dancing away! Now you can dress up if you like but the majority of people will be in cute tees and hoody’s.

We come for the powder not for fashion.

No club or bar is going to turn you away because you are wearing snow boots jeans and a tee! It’s cold they understand.

It’s all about comfort! You are going to see a lot of big brands like Montclere, Canada Goose. These brands are super duper expensive but they are all about comfort and keeping you warm!

So what to pack!

Start with a list.

Try to build outfits rather than individual items. I find writing a list makes it easier to not over pack and to really think about what you want.

I do love packing cubes they make everything so much easier!

When it comes to boarding gear a list is essential so you don’t miss anything off. This also doubles as Gavs list so he can use most of it!

I think both of us has two tees we didn’t use so that isn’t too bad!

Organising is key to stress free packing.

So write a list.

Plan your outfits.

And enjoy!!

Would I buy again? Drunk Elephant Skincare

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So after two weeks I kind of know what I like and what I won’t invest in again. Drunk Elephant isn’t a cheap brand it’s luxury. I am completely behind investing in your skin. I know my main focus on this is my wedding but I will be maintaining this after.

I am going on holiday soon so I will take this skin care set with me. There is a surprising amount of product in these tiny bottles.

Shaba Complex Eye Serum

£50 for 15ml.

Can be used day and night. Did you know that eye cream should never be carried all the way up to your eye line?

Me neither apparently it does it’s work without needing to go all the way. You should apply it with your pinky!

Meh! It was okay. I used it because I wanted to do the range justice but I didn’t like the texture. It felt almost scratchy especially compared to the texture of everything else, like a paste and took a while to absorb.

Drunk Elephant don’t use scents in there products which is nice but strange. There was nothing wrong with it. I just didn’t see any results or improvements. I will keep using it till my bottle gets empty but I won’t re buy it!

Confession: I don’t really believe in eye creams!

C Firma Day Serum

£67 for 30ml

This is supposed to be a potent vitamin C day serum. It contains antioxidants, essential nutrients and fruit enzymes, all of which work together to firm and brighten the appearance of skin and minimise signs of ageing. I love a serum. Ever since the Elizabeth Arden one I cannot get enough of them.

This is a lovely thin serum and I used it in conjunction with the B- Hydra which is thicker. I felt when I used it it was still really tacky. Now I know from my research that it Is supposed to be tacky. A skincare blogger I follow was trying the same products and we both agree they are better together.

The serum isn’t as amazing as Elizabeth Arden, as in I didn’t see the results straight away.

But I need to tell you… my skin is so soft and hydrated at the moment it makes me so happy. So the serum is working I just think maybe I need to bite the bullet and just buy the expensive one.

So will I buy it again… maybe but maybe not. I feel like I would notice it’s absence if it wasn’t in my routine. The Ordinary have a Vitamin C product that set my skin on fire. This was gentle and lovely. I think I just talked myself into buying it again.

That maybe just turned into a yes!

B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

£44 for 50ml

This is an intensive hydration serum is ideal for thirsty skin. It is enriched with ultra-hydrating vitamin B5 and pineapple ceramides to attract and hold moisture throughout the day for a visibly brightened, plump and even result.

This is soothing without a richness. Your skin will thank you for using this product.

Yes, the answer is yes! I love this product. I don’t think any other product maybe swoon as much as this. It’s heaven, light and soothing.

This is has helped with the C-firma.

I want this product in my life forever! Can you tell that I love it.

Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

This cleanser removes all traces of make up, excess oil and pollution without stripping, to ensure your skin stays smooth and soft as well as clean. Yes it does all that. Your skin doesn’t feel dry or thirsty like other cleansers can do.

This is a soft gentle cleanser. The lid is a little tricky. It’s a twist rather than an unscrew and a few times I have squeezed too much product out without thinking. As a cleanser it is nice.

Drunk Elephant pride themselves on not using the suspicious 6 and scent especially! So it’s strange for me to wash my face without the luxury of smell.

I have two favourite cleansers and they are both Elemis the balm cleanser which doesn’t have a strong smell but makes you smile as you spot it and the Rose balm cleanser which smells exactly like a rose garden.

It’s heaven.

At £68 for 200mls a pop it should be, it lasts and I look forward to washing my face with it! The Drunk Elephant is only £27 for 150mls it nice.

But this is just nice so will I purchase again. Probably not unless I buy another kit.

T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

This night serum 12% alpha and beta hydroxy acid night serum helps to refine and resurface skin, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion in the morning. Blended with raspberry extract it delivers effective exfoliation without harsh side effects.

So this serum is lovely.

I wish it smelt of raspberries how amazing would that be!!

I am used to retinols on my skin so I didn’t experience any tingling. For me this is lovely my skin in the morning. I can’t stop touching my skin!

I did use it in conjunction with the virgin oil then cleaned my teeth to let it absorb.

Would I buy it again… if I suddenly could afford to buy this all the time I would but I can’t. Like I said I could put this £72 towards my Elizabeth Arden serum that I dream about. Yes they do different things but I am counting my penny’s so not for me right now.

Virgin Marula Oil

£34 for 15ml and a luxurious marula oil . This is pure no chemicals or fragrance. Brimming with antioxidants and omegas, it moisturises, rejuvenates and nourishes skin while restoring a gloriously youthful glow.

Do I love it yes

Would I buy it

Yes, but The Ordinary also do a Marula oil and it £8.25 for 30mls. So I am going to try that. After all that the price of a GnT! If I don’t love it I can apply it to my body then buy the Drunk Elephant oil. It was lovely but I am not ready to commit!

La La Retro Whip Moisturiser

£50 for 50mls

A blend of six rare African oils whipped into an airy cream, this all-purpose rescue moisturiser saves dull, dry skin by delivering a steady dose of moisture throughout the day and night. Your complexion will be left soft, supple and replenished.

The Drunk Elephant products were so good at hydrating my my skin that I didn’t think I needed this marvellous tub of whipped heaven.

Then the weather changed. It got colder and started raining. I had an upsetting incident that left me in tears for pretty much a week.

Apparently unhappiness can be very drying. It turns out I am also an emotional eater and ate lots of sugary bad things which dry out my skin. I needed a lot more hydration in my skin and reached for this moisturiser on more than one occasion.

I loved it. I didn’t need it my routine so I discarded it at first. Would I buy it again.

Yes, as soon as I run out I will be buying. This is something I look forward to using.

I like the fact it’s light enough for me to use day and night.


I love the ethos of this brand. It’s about cleanliness and healthiness for your skin.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the packaging. Absolutely gorgeous it is so Instagramable I love it.

Is it worth the money!

Most of it!

The samples worked out at £8 each I bought them with £15 off. I wish they introduced a European friendly SPF but I have been using my own La Roche Posey.

I would buy most of the products in this little set. The B Hydra I was looking forward to and is on my list. I want the Vitamin C Firma serum and the Whip.

I did love the other products but they may be on my plan b.

Drunk Elephant welcome to my skincare routine.

Have you tried the littles?

Which ones did you love?