What you will find on the blog

1.Organising and Planning

My bullet journal

I am dyslexic and dyspraxic so for me planning on paper is easier for me to plan and follow. I have been bullet journaling for over 6 years and I love it. Even though I love painting and drawing I keep my journal simple with washi tapes and pens.

From our trip in Japan

2. Interiors design, destruction and creation

There is something about creating a home I love. As an army brat you travel around a lot, so home is where your family are, because you never really decorate a house in the army, you just fill it with your personal touches. My husband once mocked me for reading so many Ideal Home magazines asking why I read them when I won’t have that life. I looked from my magazine to my home and found similar things around my home that I had bought or created on a budget. I am more of a maximalist than a minimalist and I don’t apologise for it. Inspiration should come from everywhere and for me it does.

3. Gardening

Now that we are moving we have more land. A front yard that I plan on filling with roses and hydrangeas as well as keeping the majority of the well established beautiful plants. A back garden. A parking space… yes these needs a bit of mother natures special touch and I already have wild plans in my head! And the allotment which is currently covered in blackberries, which sound wonderful but are just medusa of thorns! I am so excited to share my gardening journey with you. Oh, and hopefully, introduce some rescue hens into our space.

4 Biophilic harmony

Biophilic living is pretty much my favourite thing. I have hopefully some exciting changes coming up this year so this blog is about to get a lot more focused on creating a balance of our lives and nature.

5 Travel and food

I love to travel, to see the architecture drown in the culture, eat as much local food as I can and of course visit a few gardens whilst I am there. My travel inspired my home I like to pick up practical things sometimes just beautiful things as a reminder, and to use. So it will get featured on this blog.

6. Snippets

You will find moments of time where I just share a piece of my mind, current events, recent things I have learned or past experiences.

I do understand that a blog should be more focused and maybe my posts need just that, more focus and clearer point of view. Next year, yes I am thinking of next year already I want to grow my own veggies. I think that goes hand in hand with biophilic living. Maybe when I travel I should focus more on that!

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