I signed up for another half marathon: healthy goals

Two years ago I ran a half marathon and honestly I hated it. Almost 3 hours of running was not enjoyable and I swore I would never do one again.

But the weight has piled on.

I have no healthy goal to work towards. I like goals and target, it helps me focus.

I needed a push.

So I have payed to run in the Hampton Court half marathon next March. It’s a flat path and you get a cool medal at the end. Plus my friends and family live their so I can see them before hand and we can all go for a meal after!

My time last time was 2.45 which is not bad considering I didn’t do a lot of running training for it but I would like to try and beat it by 25 minutes. The main thing I am excited about is the fact that I want to do it. I want to train, I want to run, I want to be lovely and fit for it.

It’s the healthy push I need, I have plenty of time to train for it. I may even buy some new trainers at Christmas to help motivate me.

I am going to sit down and write out a training plan. I know I need to run a few 10ks in the month running up to March.

Have you set your self a tough fitness goal?

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