If I won the lottery?

Day 23, if you won the lotto, 30 day blog challenge.

If I won the lottery I am guessing they mean like the jackpot, what would I spend my money on.

The boring answer is property! I would spend my money on buying places all over the world.

I would have a flat or house in..,,,,

  • Val D’sere
  • Madrid
  • Mahe, Seychelles
  • London maybe two!!
  • Essex countryside
  • The Cotswolds
  • Edinburgh
  • Japan
  • New York

I would also make sure that my family’s homes were looked after too. I would help all of my family so they were of a comfortable situation.

I would fly everyone out to New York and Paris to do some shopping and just splurge on all thing we could never do!

Oh yes vintage Chanel bag you will be mine.

My dream would to start my own creative company filled with studios and creative spaces. To help other upcoming artists and creatives suceeed. I would put back into the places that need it.

This is a silly thought though. Would I be good. I hope so.

Would I give back to society, again I hope so.

Sorry it’s a short one I will make it up tomorrow I promise!

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