My happy place

Oh I have a few happy places.

My bed

So this was an easy one for me. I love sleeping. It’s my favourite thing to do is to put my pjs on. Wash my face and hop into bed. My bed is gorgeous and I love it. It’s slightly bigger than a king but not quite a super king.

Our bedroom

Our room is painted a lovely green it’s much softer in person and we need to give it the once over. We may even go darker. To me a bedroom is all about sleep and being cozy. I nice light bright bedroom feels fresh and lovely but it’s not somewhere I want to retreat to at the end of long day!

Me and Gav are not tiny people but this bed is big enough for us. I love a cushion but on our bed we just have our pillows and if Gav doesn’t through them out then I can sneak some larger grey cushions I bought from next. They are great reading cushions but we definitely don’t sleep in them.

Greys and greens

My blanket is a mermaid one I bought two years ago that I like to snuggle in when I read!

The prints above the bed re from Somerset house film 4 prints. The one in the left is the last Samurai by our favourite artist Joe Wilson we have a lot of his prints around the house. Gav has a ghost buster print which I don’t live as much but it’s his side so I don’t mind.

We found that we love prints especially film prints and Joe Wilson’s eye for detail is amazing!

The bedding is a mix of Sainsburies and Jigsaw. I struggled for ages trying to find green bedding I liked. I love palm prints but didn’t want anything too trend led. Then I discovered that I have always loved grey and white bedding so stuck with that. The Jigsaw bedding is also reversible so we can have light grey in summer and dark grey in winter. We love it!

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