The curly girl method: time to focus on my curls: plopping time

We know I have big hair.

I love my curls and sometimes I just embrace the frizz but this curly girl method means that I don’t have to put up with it.

I am happy with my skincare.

I need to work on my makeup but this isn’t a priority!

My fitness eeek okay I need to put some more effort into my diet, running and exercise. I am not drinking Monday to Friday this week but let’s see how long that lasts.

Hair care

So my mum insisted I buy the Phillip Kingsley hair care. I did, it’s my mum ( she secretly works for QVC) Which is agreeing with my scalp so that’s good.

I still swear buy the boots hair curling creme.

But I am still having bad hair days and then I watched a YouTube video on the curly girl method.

The method simplified

  • No sulphates ( I am already cautious of this)
  • No heat ( I always let my hair dry naturally)
  • Lots of conditioner
  • Plopping ( drying your hair in a t-shirt) I knew about this but don’t do it!

That’s the main points I think.

This isn’t a new method so why haven’t I tried it?

Gav has just thrown out a few T-shirt’s so I am going to rescue one and turn it into my plopping towel

First plop, not bad

so except for the towel I follow pretty much all the rules.


I do have straighteners and a curling iron but I rarely used them maybe 4 times a year. So my frizz has nothing to do with heat but I have always tried to cut out the heat.

This is very hard in winter. So when it’s really cold I wake up an hour early, wash my hair then crawl back into bed for a snooze! My hair is still set but not soaking.

Long sleeve T-shirt is a winner!

No sulphates

Again I have been doing this for the last 10 years not because of my curls but because of my psoriasis. Sulphate irritates my poor scalp. So I am a bit concerned with the amount of product that is supposed to go on the roots.

I hope my hair can cope!

Washing my hair

I have to wet my hair every day because my curls go crazy when I sleep. I have found that now my hair is longer I actually get better hair days the next day. I look a bit like a fluffy lion but I quite like that look! I just don’t have the right products to tame my hair the day after so I will have to look into that!

I don’t actually wash my hair everyday day but I do condition and run my brush through when it’s wet. When it was shorter I didn’t brush at all just casually with my fingers and once a month when I ran a bath. But now it’s so long I have to brush it. I bought a massive paddle brush from Primark about 6 years ago and it’s great. So great in fact I bough a mini version for travelling.

New plopping wrap but it’s not working!


There are a few more rules to the curly girl method but I am just starting off. You are not supposed to use shampoo at all but with my scalp that will never work.

So I am following curly Susies method for beginners!

I do need to get some hair gel and other curly girls recommended Umberto and Sainsburies gel but I will be using a lot of it so I may have to find a cheaper alternative.

I will be using my boots curling creme up as I love it but I am happy to try other products if I get results!

This will be a journey for my curls!!

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