Japan Airlines, the flight and inflight routine

We booked out flights since Christmas and are planning on exploring our honeymoon in Japan over 3 weeks. We couldn’t wait.

Flying out we have come withJapan Airlines, because of where we live in London there were no trains into London on the morning of our flight. We all know how stressful getting to a flight can be so we thought ahead. I booked us a taxi so we didn’t have to struggle with our suitcases and we left on the Friday.

We booked into an Ibis hotel the night before. Our flight was at 9.55am so we could get up at seven, get breakfast and jump on the bus to Heathrow. We ate at a burger and lobster the night before and ordered a nice bottle of red and a couple of old fashioneds! It was a nice way to relax before our flight.

Our journey began

At Heathrow we boarded without any issues. As I am off to Japan for the first time ever I didn’t care for the beauty counters as I hope to pick some up. Check out my last blog on skincare bits I want to buy in Japan. So we went straight for snacks and some water.

I did squeal when I saw our plane

We left London on a cold gloomy Saturday morning with an 11 hour flight ahead of us. The hostesses were attentive. Food was the best food I have had on a flight and I have had some corkers from Air Seychelles many years ago!

The noodles were yummy but my favourite thing was the ice cream we got at the end! Ice cream on a flight is brilliant and I haven’t had it before. It was a fairly warm flight and I felt overdressed in leggings and a jumper.

In flight entertainment was great and me and Gavin caught up in lots of film we missed at the movies which was nice. We didn’t sleep much which was the plan as we were worried about the jet lag.

Ice cream and Frozen 2, yes please

We didn’t drink too much but the pillows I bought of Amazon were great especially the eye masks!

Beauty routine

I read a lot of bloggers and watch a lot of beauty you tubers who talk about there inflight routine and it makes me cringe.

Planes dehydrate your skin! If you remove your makeup or use masks and sprays you are doing more harm than good. The best way to look after your skin for a flight is to do it all before hand.

Because we were flying for a whole day I saw no reason to wear any makeup at all. Who is going to look at me on the flight?? So instead I put on a rich hydrating mask by Summer Fridays in the morning and let it do it’s job.

It acted as a barrier to my skin and I wasn’t about to destroy that barrier by applying a sheet mask or washing my face. I listened to the dermatologists rather than beauty influencers.

Summer Fridays jetlag mask and Lancôme Idole

I cleaned my teach on the plane and added some lip balm but that was pretty much it. When we got to the hotel I washed my face and applied more cream and my skin was looking pretty good.

A great flight

Yes there was a bit of turbulence but other than that it was great. We had two hot meals, snacks, drinks. We watched a few movies and tried to sleep. The leg room was great so we could stretch out and getting through customs at the end was easy.

All the staff wore face masks which was a bit startling at first but it helped us adjust when we got to Tokyo. In Japan when you have a cold or aren’t feeling well you wear a mask to protect everyone else. It’s a very considerate culture.

We had to pick up our pocket WiFi, JR pass for the trains, buy a passmo card ( like an Oyster card) The best thing we did was organise for our luggage to go on ahead of us. We arrived around 6am in the morning and rather than dragging our suitcases with us they went to the hotel so we could explore.

We couldn’t check in until 3 although when we got there at 1pm our room was ready for us. Everyone we spoke to was very helpful and it made our lives so much easier.

We just couldn’t wait to explore what Japan had in store for us!

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