A few days in Hiroshima

Originally when I was first planning our trip I almost dismissed Hiroshima and thought we could do it all in a day. This was foolish. What I have learned the most from travelling is that you should spend 2 days somewhere as a minimum. Try to make them two whole days not two half ones!!

So we were looking forward to the Peace Museum. I had been reading up on Hiroshima, shaking my head and not understanding what had happened. I still don’t quite understand it, nor the lack of hatred towards America( I don’t hate America but I was shocked that there was little ill will)Japan is such an amazing place they seem very forgiving. I know there are two sides to every story. It’s something I have to learn more about.

Hiroshima is filled with stories.

It is a fascinating place.

Fascinating hi.

The devastation was incredible but I feel like the story of Hiroshima is one of getting on with things, moving on not being victims.

Not dwelling on the past but looking to the future.

Again we were visiting when corona virus was there but not the killer it is at this moment. So it was quitet and we got to see the sites, although everything indoors was closed. So out door spaces only.

The peace museum was closed so we just wandered around the park taking it all in. It was so empty we were lucky to see it like that, but what we learned more and more about travelling is it is the people that make a place not buildings.

We visited this shrine and these three beautiful girls sat there in perfect harmony. Everything about this was elegant and peaceful. I am determined to paint this photo so I will let you know how I get in with it.

Food glorious food

I was told before I arrived that the food in Hiroshima was amazing and if I had known how good the oysters were I would have had them everyday.

We visited the small island of Miyajima 宮島 we caught a tram and then a train to the port. Our JR Pass meant it was free to get to. It is most famous for its giant torii gate, which at high tide seems to float on the water. The sight is ranked as one of Japan’s three best views except when we arrived the gate was wrapped up for repairs. I was so excited to see it. I had made sure we got the right tides and we had time to explore the shrine before watching the sunset through the torii gate.

It would have been perfect just not on the day we went.

The food was so good that I wish we had stayed longer. The island was so incredible that I would have been great to experience it more. Just one night on the island eating all the amazing oysters and yummy plum wine. I know it is fairly expensive but it would have been lovely to wake up to a view of the shore.

So we went to the shrines! Our barman has told us at about the most incredible shrine and how it was pure magic. It was right at the top of the hill.

The island has a lot of shrines but if you want to see the ones at the top I would recommend walking to the left of the stairs. Here you will find thousands of Buddhas all with knitted hats on. It feels like a magical walk. You will accross shrines on the way but it never got boring it was incredible. It was also quiet so we took our time and even took some photos together!

There were so many shrines and each one was completely different. It was interesting and interactive. We learned a lot and took lots of photos. I couldn’t recommend this island enough.

Taking about our food we had to try okonominyaki, we had it twice. The first night I was so tired I was disappointed. When I am tired I should just sleep not try new things I should just sleep.

The next day we went to the station and had okonominyaki again and it was so good!! So it turned out I love it I just have to be more than semi awake to enjoy it.

Hiroshima we will return

When we go back to Japan we will definitely stay a wee bit longer in Hiroshima and maybe plan a night in the island and two days on the mainland perhaps every venturing further south to the islands.

I will need to do a lot more research!

The bars around Hiroshima where amazing, it’s where we discovered secret bars with tiny doors and cool speak easy vibes.

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