Oh London, it’s time for a think about my favourite places

My plane journeys are off for at least the next 6 months so I thought I would give you a bit of a London tour of my favourite places!

Hampstead Village

Choose Hampstead tube station and you will end up in the heart of it. Pick up some snacks and wonder down the streets. There is an amazing greengrocers with all sorts of delicacies and also some incredible places to pick up coffee. If you start at Hampstead Heath you can wander up to the shops, it’s a good walk!

Hampstead is such a pretty part of North London. It may not be the most most heard of hotspots but if you want a slice of affluent London then it gets no more impressive than here. Yes you will see actors in there natural habitat but go for the homes, wonder around the tiny streets and call in love with it.

Hampstead Heath, take a dip in the gender divided pools and order a picnic from the Bull and Last in Kentish Town or book a table for lunch. It an expensive pub but this is where chefs go to eat and I have shared many a birthday here. Other great places are ginger and white for brunch, I used to work near by and if anyone had an appraisal or promotion then this would be were I took them for a treat!

These smaller quieter places are filled with independent cafes, shops and pubs. Check out the Hampstead Butcher ( if you like meat) this team of butchers know where everything is from and how to cook it. On Hampstead high street there is a little crepe van that is popular at lunch time and after school.

Hampstead summary

Breakfast It has to be Ginger and white

Lunch Grab a gourmet picnic hamper from the Bull and Last its expensive but it will be worth it.

Dinner and Drinks Hampstead has beautiful country style pubs that have been around for years. The Flask is a few minutes from the station and a proper pub and my old haunt, The Holly bush is perfect for dinner or a lovely pint.

Soho my number one meeting spot

In complete contrast is Soho! In many ways I will always be art student hanging out in Soho clubs.

When I meet my uni friends ( yes it’s been a million years) but we always meet at Soho Theatre for a bottle of processco or two! It’s a cool place that feels very open considering it’s on a small street!

We meet there because there are so many bars and restaurants to choose from, from indie chains to complete independent snugs. You have to be savvy and prepared to wait and lots of places like to use the first come first serve basis which I don’t like very much. We often go to Flat iron for its cheap and delicious steaks and if there is a queue we ask how long and find a pub or a bar to wait in. Such a hardship, ha ha.

We love finding new places as well and we rarely go back to the same place as a group with the exception of Flat Iron which is always an easy choice.

Soho summary

Breakfast Dishoom, Dishoom is a small chain of Indian Restaurants that do insane breakfasts in Naam breads, spicy omelettes with lots of vegan options as well.

Lunch Lunch at the Brasserie Zedel is great for French food, I can testify that my French Father in-law loved it! It is a truly incredible experience the décor is French Art Deco.The bar is great and the cocktails worth it. They also run events here and I would highly recommend a trip.

Dinner Eat Tokyo for great Japanese food, this is a small chain but each restaurant has its on sushi master and its not expensive for great sushi, but if you just fancy a burger there are amazing little American inspired dinners around.

Drinks Disrepute……..this place is 60s heaven a perfect place for a date night celebratory drinks, its a members only club and boy is this place magical but yiy can book just email ahead.

Flat Irons are all over London and make a great quick steak feast

Liverpool Street

When you come out of Liverpool street station you are accosted by a large road that in any direction will take you to wonderful restaurants and shops. It can be a bit shabby, but explore further and you will find some awesome bars. Liverpool street is vast so get off the main road and explore you wont be disappointed, it is a completely different place at lunch time and just after 5 when all the business men pour out of the offices and fill the bars.

First of all the shops at the Spitalfields I love them plus it’s a stone throw from Bricklane which has amazing curries and food stalls. Liverpool Street is one of my favourite places for a Sunday, exploring all the antique stalls. The Rib Man ( you need to check this guy out if you like meat).

The Hawksmoor oh my of you like amazing steaks then this is the place, there is a fair few over London and they do home delivery. It is expensive but it’s the best treat! There Sunday roasts are epic, as much gravy as you need. Which for me is at least two jugs, I also ask for an extra Yorkshire pudding.

On a hot sunny day the street are full of people drinking in the streets, popping into vintage shops. In winter its still a lovely busy place to explore, people still eat out at the food stalls. Liverpool street leads onto so many cool place that I will always love it.

Liverpool Street summary

Breakfast Polo Bar its been there forever and I love there Chorizo muffin poached eggs.

Lunch For cheap eats try Spitalfields market lots of different food stalls or if you are there on a sunday check if the RibMan will be on Bricklane.

Dinner if you want an amazing steak then head to the Hawksmoor you wont be disappointed

Drinks Discount Suit Company again this place is cool. the barman no there cocktails and if its not on the menu just ask. this place is small so get in early before they start turning people away.

3 of my favourite places

I will do another one of these, as I have loved thinking about my favourite places. also sharing some bars that may not get lots of mentions but are always busy. The thing about all of these places is there are so many bars and restaurants around I am sure you wont be disappointed whatever you pick. Plus bar hopping is half the fun.

I have lived in South, North and East London ( never West) so I have a big love of it. It truly is a wonderful place.

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