Fossil hunting on the Essex coast a few days of escape

We have family in Southend and they have very kindly invited us up for a few days. They have been taking isolation as seriously as we have, so we feel safe visiting. Frank will be coming with us and we can’t wait. I am excited for fossil hunting on the Essex coast. It will be a few days of escape an actual summer holiday that is needed.

I love the British coastline, the rocks, crags, the green next to the sand and the sea. If it’s warm I will pop in for a swim as I have reef shoes which are essential for shingle beaches.

My dads hobbies used to be windsurfing and fishing ( okay he bought a boat to fish so he still loves that), so no matter the weather we used to visit Hayling Island and he would fish. If it was raining he would open the boot and we would hop in. It was magical.

We would eat cockles on the beach, hunt for shells. My parents both grew up on tiny islands. Their appreciation for the coast has never dwindled.

They also passed it on to us.

My husband laughs at how excited I get when talk about Essex and how beautiful it is. He is from Essex and talks about Mersey with great passion! He still doesn’t quite get why I am so in love with England but I am. My dream would be to live at Leigh on Sea.

So we have four days planned exploring the Essex coastline. We are thinking of Walton on the Naze, Frinton on Sea, maybe Clacton. With long walks along the waterfront at Thorpe Bay.


Fossil hunting in Essex

I am going fossil hunting. Let’s face it, I don’t have enough crap in my house and I would love to fill it with fossils, arrow heads and shark teeth! I will be taking extra bags I can assure you! I will be happy if I just find one!

Apparently fossil hunters ( can I put that on my CV) have been visiting this small coastal town since the nineteenth century. The bad news like everywhere the coastline is crumbling into the sea but the silver lining is the amount of fossils that are exposed every year.

I want to go there now but it won’t be for a few weeks yet. I don’t feel brave enough to hop on a train, let alone a plane. I have already been to a fair few places in England so I can’t wait to explore places closer to London.

Are you planning a Local holiday this year?

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