Searching for art for the bathroom

I have spent a while redoing the bathroom but we have a large white wall and we are not sure what to do with it.

Gavin originally wanted to completely redo the whole room but I convinced him to just let me update it!

So even though I am a super colourful person and actually want every room in my house a different shade of green but as he won’t let me do that yet….. I will have to stick to brightening up the place.

It’s just going to be painted white for now!

Old picture with my lovely cat

Our bathroom is big and it was already nicely decorated but we have been here six years so it’s time to make it a bit more us.

I will do a full blog on it but for now we are just looking for some art for blank wall.

I was thinking mirror but it faces the window and the window is directly on the garden so it’s a no for now.

Also the mirror would be opposite the toilet and that may be weird.

I would like some art on the wall but it’s a damp room.

So what art can go on the walls?

I am currently looking at canvas or a prints that we can take down of it gets too much moisture. It’s tricky as we don’t really have a theme for the room. I want to feel traditional and victorianesq so if you have any suggestions we are all ears!

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