Planning the week, Bullet journaling and moons: helping to focus

I have to form a plan otherwise I feel listless. So I thought I would show you my weekly spread. I randomly placed my new moon stickers that I totally love.

If I don’t make plans I feel unfocused and it’s important at the moment to have a focus. My top tips is to write it down. Make yourself accountable without being too rigid. Understand that things get in the way. Sometimes your week changes.

Don’t be hard on yourself!

I love a list because I can tick off jobs and add them on to the next day if I don’t. I feel that a thousand jobs can be overwhelming and there is no problem having a massive list just don’t try to do it all on one day or one week!

Japanese moon stickers

Then I just broke my boxes into 3 on each page and 4 on the other. I probably could have spaced them slightly differently but I will learn for next week.

I am loving my new Pentel pencil which I picked up in Japan. I own a lot of mechanical pencils and regular pencils but this is my new favourite.

Lists and plans

At the moment I am just trying to plan what my task is for the day, not create to many jobs rather than having lots of little ones I still have to do things like,

  • Lunch and dinner plans
  • Do dishes
  • Put a wash on
  • Make the bed
  • Hoover etc

Unless is a super focused day I will just write myself a small list in my Rhodia list pad. Yes I am a person who loves notebooks for this and that!

I made it look a bit prettier.

I used a credit card to get those lovely round corners I am sure there is a gadget that will do that for me. I am really happy with how it looks and hopefully what I can achieve this week.

I made a mistake at the top. I thought my pen was thinner than it was so I used my french washi tape to cover it up, and then a bit more to balance it.

Then I just fill it in.

I won’t bore you with my menial tasks ( although I already did. But I like the layout I will use a few more times I think!

In summary

Write it down! You don’t need a fancy book or layout. Just one place a notebook a piece of paper and keep it somewhere you can check in with.

The beauty of a bullet journal is that it is all in one place. You can fill it out how you like, there are no rules.

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