I have been a busy bee, Quick home update: 5 things

So I thought I could give you a weekly update on five things I have done this week or that have been started.

That me, squeezing through the hole

The storms revealed a leak

This is not great news at all. Gavin was on a Zoom call when water started pouring through the light fitting. The rain was almost tropical and we had inches of rain in moments.

His ceiling is now stained but we are more worried about future damage.

We waited till the morning to investigate and it doesn’t look great. The insurance won’t cover the roof but it will The ceiling so now I am ringing around to get quotes. Because of the storms damaging a lot of roofs we won’t have our quotes till next week.

We have a house fund but we have no idea how much it’s going to cost.

Not the best situation with me out of work!

Bathroom and corridor painting

In two rooms I have covered the mushroom colour and and now it looks fresh and white. Gavin is a little worried that I am repainting the whole house white. I am not. But the mushroom has to go. I want the house to feel fresh with colour coming from the art

Still needs another two coats

I am so happy with these two spaces. I need to put some artwork on the walls. Put the bins back and the cleaning bits back behind the door and they are both ready!

Cleared out the second bedroom

This needed to be done however the majority of my art stuff has now moved to the dining room making it look a complete mess.

The second bedroom is where I am supposed to work but honestly I prefer working I the dining room. It’s close to the kitchen and bathroom. The light is lovely and Frank stays under the table when I am working.

So this is job I have started rather than finished but I will be tidying over the weekend so it should all be finished by next week. Just in time to start painting!

3 tomatoes and my dahlias


I haven’t been out much in the garden except to water the plants, dead head my dahlias and pick up dog poop ( such a joy). This really is the bare minimum but all the sunshine has been great for the plants and the bees.

But the work I did before hand means that my tomatoes are full of soft yellow fruit which I can’t wait to harvest. I am so excited to grow my own veg. The slugs have got to my courgette but I have still enjoyed trying to grow them. I have had lots of flowers just no courgettes but next year I will look after them a bit better.

My dahlias are in full bloom and every time I go out there are new heads. Which is so lovely my big ones are yet to flower so I have them to look forward too.

Sunshine and washing

I put away a lot of clothes for the summer last year and with all this sunshine I have been a washing machine.

We are worried that our washing machine is about to die but it keeps holding on. Thank goodness.

So I have basically been shopping from my wardrobe and I have found items I forgot about which is great. I bought a lot of Kimono Jackets in Japan so now is the time I can start wearing them. I don’t really need any new cloths but I could always wear a bit more green.

My mum is obsessed with orange as a motivational colour so keeps encouraging me to wear orange when I do the cleaning.

Organising my wardrobe means washing tidying and giving to charity!

It’s been a busy few weeks

I am too busy to be bored at the moment but I have spent little time actually planning my future and what I want to do. I have had an idea that excites me but I will need money to retrain and I may have to go back to school part time to be able to afford it.

The house is still a mess! At the moment there is no room that is perfect but by the end of today I will have a tidy bathroom, hallway, corridor and sitting room so we can relax.

Oh and kitchen!

The majority of the downstairs will be tidy it’s just the bedroom and dining room that need the most work.

This is all good prep for when I have to paint the upstairs.

I hope you have had a productive week and that my little update isn’t too boring. Let me know what you have been up to. Or link your blog so I can go and have a read!

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