The whole of the Moon

So these have been a recent purchase and I bought them because they were pretty. The are called opalite and said to help form lasting romantic bonds but only to the faithful. ( no shit)

Opalite is believed to alleviate depression, soothe frayed nerves and help us to step away from anxiety. I don’t really believe in any of this but I feel there is no harm in me charging my crystals in the moonlight and bringing good vibes into home.

Charging by the whole of the moon

Crystals charged under the moon

Today is actually a full moon so it’s perfect timing for this post. I also have a few pieces of rose quartz which will also get charged tonight this shelf is next to the window.

The little creatures in the picture are Kodama which are Japanese spirit that feature in Princess Mononoke. I love them. They are supposed to glow in the dark so they will charge up with the crystals.

Our home

We are a pretty geeky and so our house is cluttered with memories and things we love. We don’t buy trend pieces and generally everything in our home is here because we love it.

I believe in secondhand, buying from actual artists, vintage. I love digging around in charity shops and I have two gorgeous mirrors and my favourite art piece.

These shelves are above my little school desk. This is my space and I love it. I think it’s important to carve out a little place for yourself and this is all for me. I am thinking of repainting it emerald but I am not sure yet.

Shop the shelves

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