A home isn’t a home without….

A home isn’t a home without you. We hear lots about of people say kids, cats, dogs and plants. But the truth is a home is only a home because of you.

You make it a home.

There should be no pressure to decorate or change because of the norm or current trends.

Cat lady gets a dog

I am a cat person, I love them I had a great cat and she was so sweet and wonderful but she went missing over a year ago now. She helped make me and Gavin a family. Snuggling on the bed. Warming our laps. Waiting for us to get home.

So when Gavin wanted a dog and we were offered a French bulldog who needed a new home I was impressed. I said no but it was up to Him as I chose the cat.

Frank is always close to me

My Manhattan always wanted to be near us, Frank wants to be as close as possible. He is like a shadow following us around. Pawing to be on our laps. Watching were we are. Crying if we leave.

We are Franks second home and frenchies are often needy. But Frank takes the biscuit and we don’t mind.

We also take Frank everywhere. To the pub, restaurants if they allow. He is a bit socially awkward and is afraid of strangers so we don’t like to keep him away from people.

It’s just us

We are a family and this little house is our home. We always want to be close to each other even if we all like our own space.

When it comes to your home it’s so personal.

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