Colour me Crazy… painting my house white

I have started looking at my house differently. How many dark corners, so I have started to paint it all white brightening it up. Knowing full well if it’s too bland then I can give it another lick of paint.

So many shades of green

Plans for colour

I still love accents walls so I am going to expand my painted chimney to breast. So it covers more than one wall and adds some depth.

  • Sitting room Teal and white
  • Dining room red and white
  • Kitchen white (hints of red)
  • Bathroom white ( hints of wood and green)
  • Hall way black and white
  • Gavs office navy
  • Spare room coral or emerald
  • Bedroom breakfast green

The painting has begun and this Sunday we get some new appliances so I can start the kitchen ceiling.

This means buying tiling paint and transforming it, I cannot wait. At the moment my kitchen is white and brown and it’s just a bit ugly. It just needs some love and a refresh.

Imagine those tiles white!! Heaven

In the future we will look to having the kitchen ripped out then redone. I can talk you through my ideas and what we want.

It’s just plans plans plans at this stage.

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