Big house or small house: What’s your dream house?

When people think of their dream house they often think about a mansion with lots of land and rooms. When I think of a dream house I would like large rooms but not massive rooms?

Is it strange that my dreams are realistic?

The thought of a bathroom for every bedroom makes me cringe! Most of us in the UK grow up in family’s with one bathroom and a downstairs loo, if we were luckily. We coped with school and jobs fine all sharing, all taking it in turns. So although I do crave an upstairs toilet, my bathroom is downstairs, one bathroom is plenty and we are grateful.

I am no Mrs Hinch

Having lots of bathrooms fills me with absolute dread… who cleans them? More than 4 bedrooms how tidies them up every week? It all comes down to what you need, what you are going to use and what you are just going to fill with crap! I am no Mrs Hinch, although I am less daunted by cleaning it isn’t my favourite job. Obviously if you have children you always want an extra room but more that that?

I can’t get my head around it.

Just a medium house for me!!

We are a child free household with a small 3 bed house. We have a lot of stuff so we do need extra rooms. Gavin has an office because he works from home. I have a desk in the spare bedroom and I am currently using the dining room as my studio so it would be nice to have a proper space for me.

4 bedrooms would be more than enough. I would hate to have a house filled with rooms that are shut off, or worse just filled with crap.

Our house is fine and when it has been repainted and my prints reframed it will look great. Yes I would like a proper room just for me and a permanent guest bedroom with a proper bed in it. A room I can dress and style to my hearts content but also if this house is my forever home I won’t be upset.

What is your dream house like?

2 responses to “Big house or small house: What’s your dream house?”

  1. If family is not very large, 4 rooms are enough in my opinion. My dream house is a house in which everything will be organized. The walls will be painted with simple, sober, and light color which is pleasing for eyes and soothing for the mind. My dream house will be modern but simple. The kitchen will be modern. A balcony to relax and enjoy the happenings outside. I like the open house with windows for fresh air and light. I don’t like closed houses. I feel suffocated in them.


    1. Your dream house sounds lovely. I would love to live by the sea! Blow away those cobwebs every day


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