Dulux colour of the year 2021 and I am all in

This may surprise you but I love Dulux’s colour for 2021 Brave ground. It is a beige brown which is similar to my living room but it’s a bit fresher. I lots the battle to paint my living room white so I will go with Brave Ground and Teal tension with white ceiling and cornice.

I think the contrast will look wonderful!

The colour palette of my sitting room

Our sitting room is fairly dark and nothing is going to really brighten it up so I would rather a warm room with all these shades into the mix!

I lost my battle for white walls and to be honest I would rather is was all dark but we are going for a similar look to what it is. I would like a bit more green in the room but I think I will have to just add more plants just don’t tell Gavin.

All our art work is framed with black frames and white borders so Brave Ground will show case them beautifully. I am not really a neutral person but there is so much richness in this colour. In the right light it could be a khaki and well that’s just another shade of green for me.

What do you think of Brave Ground?

Images Dulux

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