Jobs to do around the house

Another week over, this year has been both fast and slow. I almost feel like we are going around in circles especially with a second lockdown on the horizon.

I popped to Southend again for a an art therapy course you can read about it here. I needed it, not only did I find focus but also I am working on a n illustration so that great. I had booked flights for New York so we were supposed to be there this weekend. We will just have to do it in a few years. Perhaps when there is a new President.

We aren’t doing anything special except I am cooking a tomahawk steak again and we can’t wait! A nice bottle of wine and a movie then we are taking a day trip to Mersea which I am so excited about.

Frank can’t wait to be on the beach again.

A few things I need to do this week so I thought I would update you. It’s a fairly simple list but each job will take time.

  • Cook anniversary meal
  • Clean the ceiling
  • Wipe down walls and tops of cabinets
  • Paint ceiling and walls
  • Buy new paint for the sitting room
  • But away summer clothes
  • Re pot my plants
  • Tesco delivery

That doesn’t sound like a lot but I doubt it will all get done this week.

We will see.

Any plans for you?

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