Getting your home ready for Autumn

We are currently in the middle of a heatwave, hello September. It’s glorious warm days cool nights we have been lucky this whole summer.

But soon the heat will fade and the days will get cold rather than cool. The benefits of having a smaller house, especially a terrace is it doesn’t get that cold and in mid winter it’s easy to warm up. We have a gas fire for cold days and Hive heating system which we can access from our phones.

Our house is nice and cozy.

Changing a few bits for Autumn

Except for a few pumpkins and skulls ( we always have skulls) we don’t do much. I like to put away our summer sheets and get out our green, grey and mustard sheets. Change the bed and make it feel all cozy and warm.

I have asked for a green or mustard eiderdown for my birthday this will look gorgeous on the bed but we will see if I get it or not. It should add some richness as it is velvet and will go perfectly with the green walls of our bedroom.

The duvets are coming out of the cupboard. We bought a super king duvet cover that is made up of two duvets but we prefer to put them in individually in case we get hot and we can just kick it off.

I also wash the blankets that have been sitting in the linen cupboard so I can keep it in the sitting room and throw it around us on a cooler evening. It’s all about soft furnishings and making things cozy.

Candles out

Last year I went through a crazy stage of buying fancy candles at Homesence. We still have 50 church candles from the wedding. So when it’s a bit cool I light a candle but I am trying to use up the church candles and then light a few smelly ones.

I am funny about candles, If I burn them for two long I get headaches. So I am particular about smells. I don’t like too strong a smell and nothing too sweet. My favourite scents are smoky, leather and tobacco. This year I haven’t bought any candles, I am trying to use them up first before I buy anything new. I am shopping from my own home and I love it.

Garden ready

The next step is to sort out the garden. We need to but a new layer of of soil down to give it some extra nutrition this winter. I also need to cut back the branches of a few bushes before it gets cold and will hurt them.

I also need to plant some bulbs for spring and dehead some flowers. It will make it look great and these are my plans for the weekend. Gav is cook a chicken on the BBQ. Maybe a jug of pimms to help drink in last of the summer sun.

In Summary

I don’t go crazy for autumn and winter but it is time to make the house warmer. I am having a big tidy today so I can fix the garden tomorrow. Then I will have a quick walk round swap up some candles and have a cosy night in.

I have loved the summer but it’s time for some autumn leaves and cozy nights.

Do you makes any changes to your home throughout the seasons?

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