Exploring how to get more light into my kitchen

I have a cute little kitchen. Big enough for a few people to stand around and chat in it but only has 3 surface areas to work on and they have microwave, toaster etc on it. It’s small! Not tiny but small so I will want to redo it completely at some stage.

It’s also dark.

It’s at the back of the house too. If I had my way I would turn our lovely dining room into the bathroom and the open up the bathroom and kitchen into a kitchen diner. This means I could have french doors going on to the garden letting in all the gorgeous light the bathroom gets all day long.

It’s such a shame that our bathroom gets the best light and the best view of the garden! It also means that our square kitchen is more like a galley way because you have to access the bathroom from it.

It’s not ideal but we are at a standstill because Gavin won’t even think about moving the bathroom to create a gorgeous kitchen dinner. So I am stuck with a dark kitchen that mainly I use. I am trying to think of ways to get more light into it. I am painting the walls white to brighten it up. I am also painting the tiles to get rid of the brown.

Does anyone else hate spot lights?

We have four very hated spotlighting in the kitchen that just isn’t enough and I often have to turn the over head lights on the oven hood, just to see what I am doing, even in the middle of the day.

They aren’t very good and there aren’t really enough of them! I am thinking of buying strip lights to put under the cabinet. Because the kitchen ceiling is so low ( compared to the rest of the house) we can’t really fit a light fixture. That doesn’t mean I am not looking for them. Just that I am struggling to find anything!

Mirrors to reflect light?

I thought about putting a mirror on the fence outside. Maybe an antique affect so it doesn’t blind me while I am doing the washing up! So it would bounce in any light back into the kitchen. I have also thought about putting a mirror ( if I choose mirrors then it will only be one!) on the wall near the window. Again to bounce in any light into our dark little kitchen.

I think once it is painted and a mirror it will reflect more light in. I also hope to paint the bottom cabinets a dark green and keep them white on top to make it appear taller.

When I eventually get my own way and have shelves on the left hand side instead of a single useless cupboard then that will also create drama and height.

In summary

So at the moment I am shopping for ideas to bring the light into the darkest kitchen. I am exploring ideas, thank you Pinterest!

Okay it may not be the darkest kitchen but it feels like it when I use it. I also know it’s not the smallest but it is not a happy kitchen at the moment.

I know when I paint it it will brighten up I just need to work out a solution to make it brighter! To add a little light to my most used room.

If you have any ideas please leave them in the comments below!

3 responses to “Exploring how to get more light into my kitchen”

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    1. Maybe not the lights I am looking for.


  2. I prefer natural light to artificial lights. I know it is not possible in any home to have natural light in all the rooms. If you can, you can have natural light by creating a window.


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