7 Things I have loved in September

I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by. Time is flying past and soon it will October one of my favourite months . My food shopping list includes lots of fresh produce for stews and soups and I can’t wait to cook up a feast. The cooler evenings are making me happy.

This year really has been bittersweet so I thought I would make this a monthly blog about things that’s have brought me Joy!

Cleaning sponges

Wow this blog is exciting! I can tell you can’t wait to learn what incite full product I am going to share with you. Lakeland sponges are pretty much the dogs balls of cleaning sponges for doing your washing up. All of you lucky people with washing machines will rarely have to use themT but for me it’s everyday. I can put these in the washing machine to clean them out and reuse them time and time again. I have had them for about 6 weeks now and I even bought some for my mum. These are brilliant.

My Plant pots

We already no I am crazy plants lady. I name them talk to them and try, sometimes successfully to propagate them to make more plants. Last month I bought some new pots and this month I stopped procrastinating got off my lazy arse and actually reported my bathroom plants.

Boob Mug

This is one of those Instagram moments where I saw everyone drinking out of a boob mug and really wanted one even though I don’t really like mixed match mugs. I was having a socially distanced chat with some friends about this mug and he bought me one. Now the one he chose is a bit Percy with rather large breasts with hands on it. I still loved it only on my second cup of tea a crack appeared and I was worried to use it.

There was no way I was getting rid of it ( no chips or cracks in this house) so I spray painted it white and used it as a plant pot and I bloody love it more! What do you think?


This is another Instagram inspired purchase. I love autumn and always want to fill my home with bits and bobs but I don’t like waste and I am definitely not spending my money on something that gets displayed for two months of the year but I couldn’t resist. I fell in love with these pumpkins instantly. They sold them in a set of two but they very kindly split a pair so I could have three!

I love them and one may end up in my black and white bathroom. They are from @essexcrafts94 .

Starting a new project

I have been inspired by lots of brightly coloured cushions and craving a bit of animal print in my home. Now I don’t means leopard print , snakeskin or zebra. I mean prints of animals especially leopards and jaguars. I have been playing with my Cricut and playing with some fabric so watch this space!

I have been completely inspired by Emma J Shipley and her incredible prints. I had a look at her cushions and throws and if I had the money I would definitely invest but instead I am going to tackle a foolish purchase and create my own soft furnishings.

Audio Books

It’s been a slow month! I have tried to read a few times a week but I am still making way through the Dutch House and still enjoying it. It’s such a sad but heart warming read. I would thoroughly recommend it.

So my sister told me that Adele was inspired to lose weight because she listened to this audio book. This is not a weight loss book. This is a book for everyone especially women. I thought hmm okay let’s check it out. It’s called Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I have cried a few times when I have listened to this audiobook. It makes you think, I have a few hours left and I like having it on when I am cleaning.

I also apologised to a friend who went through something and I didn’t hear what she was actually going through, just the words she said. This book made me hear her pain even if it was a few weeks later. Give this book ago!

YouTube Inspiration

If you love gardening then you need to check out Her 86m2. Her garden vlog is so beautiful and really shows you have no excuse when it comes to growing your own produce. She is truly inspirational and I love watching this vlog.

My favourite bit about her home inspo is that she doesn’t speak. It’s music and captions so you have to put down everything and just watch her. You want to watch her. She revamps an entire kitchen and it’s not just painting walls and tiles which is what I plant to do! She is truly amazing and I am now obsessed with her.

In Summary

I haven’t done much painting this month and I really can’t wait to get stuck into the Kitchen and make it look pretty. I am off to buy some Dulux paint to do my sitting room and this month I would like the kitchen and sitting room.

These 7 things have really brought me equal amounts of joy! I appreciate them and they’re small and inexpensive. Hope you had a lovely September

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