Home Edit: High End vs High Street

It’s getting colder, it looks like we are headed for another lock down. A lot of us spent the summer reflecting on our lives, our homes and how they work for us!

A few of my friends are moving because they worked out that their home isn’t working for them and as they are still working from home then then actually need an office each. A lot of us looked at our homes and garden and thought I can’t afford to move, my area is nice and if suits us so we should stay.

But things need to change.

I love my little house it’s beautiful but we fill it full of clutter and and it needs looking after! So that’s what we are doing. I wrote a few blogs back about changing our home for autumn and we don’t do much. I thought I would share with you some inspiration of what I would buy ( a few things I am investing in) and what I crave to make our house perfect this Autumn and all year round.

Throw or Eiderdown

I have been searching for the last four years for a green velvet eiderdown. I even considered paying @buxtonstitch to sew me one… but the price of her making it would be the price of me buying it from the more expensive companies.

I have asked for this for my birthday.

My husband thinks it is too expensive but it heavenly, hand made and beautiful so I gave him an option. He likes to buy me lots of little things rather than just one. Either choose the expensive one ( and I will be over the moon) or buy a cheaper one in a different colour so when I get a job I can buy my dream one and just layer them up!

Toast quilted throw

The colour of this is so gorgeous and yes it is an investment, but it’s beautiful. Toast do some incredible interiors this is definitely my favourite and yes they do it in mustard but if I had it in mustard then I would choose this from Dunelm. At less than half the price I think it’s gorgeous but I don’t like it in the green!

Stem Velvet Ochre Bedspread

Oh I could fall asleep in that bedding right now. I love them.

Under my feet

I am funny about my feet. I get too hot and too cold fairly easily. Which means I am not great with slippers. Our downstairs has no carpet at all. We have lived here for 6 years without carpets or rugs. But now we will be spending more time in the home it may be time to buy a few rugs.

I have been thing about a rug or runner for the kitchen for a while. Standing doing the washing up on cold feet isn’t great. Something small and washable.

I also want a longer bathroom mat so I was thinking an outdoor runner may work for this. I want something black and white for our classic bathroom but I also think this will help warm the place up.

There doesn’t seem to be mid range choice they are either super expensive and heavenly like Francis Loom or polyester like Wayfair. Because we have a dog a polyester is probably best for now. I like the faded vintage look rather strong colours.

Frances Loom Heritage rug I just can’t spend £3000 on a rug
This will look good in the sitting room this is more affordable from Wayfair at £94.99

Emma Shipley everything

It’s no secret that I love colour and pattern. I feel like my style has gotten a little flat recently. But I am completely inspired by Instagram and by Emma J Shipley prints. They are too far out of my price point at the moment but I love the fantasy element and the myth references in her prints. When I am back to work as well as saving for my MA I also want to buy a few peices or make my own.

Cushions and throws are a great way of bringing more colour into your home. This Lynx cushion is £90 and I did find some cheaper ones at Dunelm. They are not the same quality, nor are they the same beautiful illustrations but they are fun and brightly coloured.

Dunelm £16 each

Let there be light

My little house can be fairly dark especially going into winter. We all know how I hate spotlights but in the sitting room I don’t even like an over head light on we need a lamp! But we have never seen a suitable one.

Then I saw this palm tree light. Wow I love this either for the bedroom or the sitting room but I know Gavin wouldn’t like. I love tropical everything and it’s not very autumnal but I believe in dressing your house for all year plus light would help our dark room. I actually love both these lamps equally the one from Light and Lamp is so lovely and looks better in a darker room. The Luxury one from Beaumonde looks a wee bit bigger so maybe it wouldn’t suit the size of our house.

I am obsessed with all things tropical I think it is because of my family in The Seychelles. I have a few gold pineapples around the house and not enough plants!!

In Summary

So I won’t be making any massive purchases soon. Hopefully I will have the eiderdown next month!! The rugs and lamps can be bought when I get a new job and can afford them for the house.

I believe that your house is an investment. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make it look nice but you should fill it with beautiful things that make you feel good. Bedding is a luxury you deserve but stay away from trend colours unless you know you will love them for years.

Greens, ochres, yellows, teals, woods, and stone this colour palette is heaven to me! So when I buy from now on when it comes to the warmer rooms of my home I am going to invest in these pieces with the exception of the dining room which is red.

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