6 tips for Painting a bathroom

So I painted my bathroom white. It feels so much bigger and brighter like we have a new suite. I made a few mistakes but I did follow these general rules.

Say bye bye beige

Clean your walls

Yes we all know about sugar soap is an essential but before I wiped down the walls I sprayed them with mold spray. I sprayed it at night so that it had time to settle and the was no smell. The next day I sugar soaped the ceiling and and walls. To make sure everything was super clean and that the whole bathroom had been treated for mold as it is a damp room.

Soap and other substances on surfaces can interfere with your paint, sometimes you only notice it when it’s dry. There is no point in wasting your time the old saying of “ a stitch in time” is a must. DIY is supposed to save you money but if you don’t do the correct prep for it then you will have to redo it in the not to distant future.

Buy the right paint

I have already washed down my walls with mold spray, let it dry then washed it with sugar soap. There was no point in doing this if I am just going to slap down any paint. Bathrooms are wet places and water will eventually get on your paint, no matter how hard you try to avoid this.

We bought a special Dulux anti mold primer and then gave it a few more coats in the bathroom paint to make sure it would cope with the moisture every bathroom gets!

Paint in the direction of the light

When it comes to your ceilings painting them in the direction of the light is key. This tip came from a decorator. If you have a window in your bathroom or any room that’s the direction you should paint in. I thought this was really clever and also gave me direction.

Tape off

Taping off everything that needs covering! It’s a boring job and can be time consuming but it’s a necessary. Tape off all light switches or remove them. Tape off, wood, tiles just anything you don’t want painted. It is easier to tape off something then put down you paint brush and wipe away the paint!

Tape your floor covering down too I found that when I was moving the step ladder around it was moving the tarp so I just taped it down in the end.

Remove light fittings

This can be a pain but it’s best to remove your light fittings and paint where underneath for a seamless finish. If you just tape around it you will see the brush strokes and roller. It just won’t look as good.

I know.

I tried.

And failed. So then I removed the spotlights and painted properly and it looks so much better.

Another boring job of cutting in

Cutting in is when you use a small 2-inch sash brush, paint up against the painter’s tape in all areas. It looks like you have outlined your painting and that is exactly what you are doing. This means you can roller right up to the edge for a nice finish.

It also means that you have created paint guidelines for yourself!

I found this job boring but it also showed me that in some areas it needed more than 2 coats!

In summary

I tackled my bathroom as it is the smallest room with a low ceiling.

I really took my time with it and I am super happy with how bright and light it looks. I just need to buy 3 frames for the art work and the bathroom can be revealed.

It truly is amazing what a lick of paint can do to your home.

All the items I used will be listed in the reveal blog.

2 responses to “6 tips for Painting a bathroom”

  1. Also when painting a bathroom or kitchen, wash the walls with a solution of approximately three teaspoons of laundry detergent to one gallon of water.


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