Interior Design choices I just don’t agree with

I truly believe that you should do what ever you want in your home. It should be a reflection of you and your taste , so you should create a home that makes you happy so in that case ignore what I am about to say.

I am a maximalist, I like lots of different textures and colours in my home. I also like lots of art work on the walls. This isn’t to everyone’s taste but it is to mine. I love interiors but I am not trend led. I just wanted to share what interior design choices I just don’t agree with.

Borough Market plant babies

Out with the faux

I just can’t get behind faux plants I can’t. Just buy the real thing, they do nothing but good. They help purify the air look pretty and bring you joy when they grow. Plants have shown to improve mental health. Yes you may kill them but plants are a learning curve, just like everything else alive.

Most plants you can propagate which means you can make more plant baby’s which is cost effective.

I get it if you are not green fingered then maybe don’t buy a piece of plastic that is going to end up covered in dust or in the bin. I do understand faux flowers a bit more but still. I also understand that some rooms don’t have any or a lot of light and you still want to put a plant in it. I get why people make these choices.

I am just not a fan.

TVs on fireplaces

The fireplace can be a focal point and your tv shouldn’t be higher than your eye line. Comfortable watching does not mean looking up. So I just don’t get this new craze.

It’s not relaxing nor stylish. I don’t even care that you can get TVs that look like art I just don’t agree with them as the focal point of a room.

I love a mirror or a piece of art over the fireplace. if you don’t have a fire place then you can pop it where you like but most TV cabinet are low down so you can comfortably watch tv from your sofa. That is the correct height not straining your neck looking up.

I am sorry but you won’t win me over with this.

Double basins

Luxury hotel started this trend and that is where it should stay, in the hotel industry. I get it if you have a massive bathroom but if you don’t, why do you need a double sink? Why? I get that you may need space so have a gorgeous sized counter with maybe a shelf or medicine cabinet each but do you actually ever need two sinks?

Me and my husband just take it in turns to use. We are rarely in the bathroom for long periods of time together unless we are chatting. Very rarely do we need the sink at the same time especially not in the same room.

If you just had one bathroom and were a family it could come in handy but I really don’t get it. You don’t need a basin each and to me it just about double the cleaning.

Perfect for hotels and massive houses but not for the average home. I also have issues with too many bathrooms per bedroom. Two bathroom is plenty for a family each bedroom doesn’t not need it’s own bathroom but a downstairs loo is a must.

Kitchen islands in dressing rooms

Okay so this obviously not an everyone problem. Most people don’t have dressing rooms and although Lisa vanderpump has a beautiful dressing room and display cabinet lots of people don’t use them. I have issues when people put a kitchen island with a marble top on it. It looks like a kitchen.

I love a display cabinet and a beautiful desk can look lovely but a solid block in the middle of your dressing room with no wheels…. is a kitchen island. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Having enough clothes to fill said dressing room is also very strange and over the top. This image is beautiful but I think the stone top makes it confusing.

In summary

A tv up high doesn’t make sense.

Double sinks are twice the cleaning

Real plants are good for your home, the air and your mental health.

Kitchen islands belong in the kitchen!

So it’s your home. Decorate it to suit you. Ignore trends, use real plants and do whatever you want. These are just my pet peeves with design. I think a lot of it is people following social media trends. Although we all love to be insta worthy that’s not a home.

What are tour pet peeves?

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