A moment is time: Happy Halloween

We decided not to bother with Halloween this year. Then I bought Pumpkins, then sweets, then I popped in the attic for my ravens and brought down everything. So I decided to Halloween my fireplace.

I love Halloween. We don’t plan on having children but we love entertaining the local kids every year. The parents alway say thank you and we appreciate what you do for the kids. Our street is fairly empty of pumpkins this year but we know that children will still be walking round. We will use our front gate as a barrier, and hand out sweets from there.

Halloween is just about fun, there is no malice nor religion involved, not any more. It’s just about dressing up and having fun. This is a time for communities and although COVID-19 is changing things it’s the small things that count.

I hope you have a lovely Halloween. What ever you do on it!

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