Home Edit: John Lewis Christmas Decorations I am coveting

I love Christmas and after our Honeymoon to Japan I am totally I love with John Lewis collection. I thought I would share some of my favourite ornaments.

These are all really beautiful and although I love them all I actually think I could create them my self but I probably won’t have time this year but I did buy some ceramic baubles from Hobby craft so you never know.

These two were the most fun ones, I have skulls and pineapples on my tree so I am definitely not a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. I love the idea of having lots of fish swimming around my tree.

I love green especially at Christmas I think this dec is incredible. It’s so simple but so pretty!

The kimono is again something I could probably create but the ramen bowl is incredible. Like I said I never have a theme for my tree. I don’t like the idea of disposable Christmas decorations. When I unwrap my decs I take my time, drink wine, cook German food and reminisce about each decoration. They all have memories and I just buy a few every year.

I only through away a decoration if it’s broken, I mean really broken, I have a reindeer with no legs on my tree. He is still happy so I will put him up. I don’t like the home trend for a new theme every year.

How amazing is this tree?

I could have spent a small fortune on John Lewis. I am still upset I missed out on a jellyfish decoration a few years ago and I still regret it.

There were so many more decorations I loved in this selection but lots of them were sold out. I also wish I had thought about a Christmas decoration when I was in Japan.

Are you planning a theme this Christmas?

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