Duvet Days aplenty and new habits

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It’s been a tough old year so far. I have wanted to disappear under my duvet on more than one occasion. So far I haven’t really done it. We have both just got on with it but it’s been hard.

My dog has been a wee bit poorly so at the moment I am in the spare room with him and Gavin is next door. Not the most romantic for the last few months, lucky we have a very comfy sofa bed and lots and lots of bedding.

It’s been almost 6 weeks now of separate rooms. We take it in turns who sleeps in the big bed and once a week we have breakfast together in bed. We snuggle all 3 of us and just relax. Tea for me, coffee for Gavin and what ever we fancy for breakfast.

Then we just relax.

Frank will snore as we will chat and plan our days and week ahead. It’s actually become a lovely habit.

We have never appreciated our bed more.

New Habits

Making the bed every day is something I am trying to do. It’s not a habit I have ever had but it’s something I am enjoying at the moment. We all know that sleeping on fresh sheets is the best thing! I love it. When ever I put fresh sheets on the bed I try and pamper myself with skincare and sometimes I will have a bath as well to unwind.

I love new bedding but I do struggle with finding nice sheets because my bedroom is a beautiful soft green. I have tried and failed to match it with my bedding. Until I decided that grey and yellow where actually a great combination with the green walls. Green is my favourite colour and we also have a deep plush emerald carpet in the bedroom and hall way that I adore.

So it’s never changing

What I can change is my sheets!

These Old Town Portfolio Home bedding are just so beautiful. I love them. Not only do they suit the room perfectly but they are such a soft grey that I will have them on my bed all year round. Winter and summer.

I love them so much I am having a good old tidy up and sort out in the bedroom. I get like this when ever I get something new. When I got my Le Crueset Dutch oven I didn’t use it till my kitchen was pristine. I really value beautiful things and every thing I put in my home is an investment.

Portfolio Home kindly sent me this set after seeing that I had already bought a few sets before. They wash well and I love adding a splash of colour and print to my room without spending a fortune.

You can find Porfolio Home on Amazon where they have lots of lovely prints and fun designs as well as a luxury design that I am looking forward to purchasing in the future.




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