7 things I have loved this month: December

December 2020 has been a funny one and not in a good way. We have all experienced so much in different ways. It has made a lot of us reflect on what we want out of life. I still like to focus on the positives even though my mental health has been tested this year.

I love wrapping up, drinking coffee, autumn/ winter walks and puppy cuddles. I also love lighting candles and warming by the fire. My jumpers have all come out and are now on rotation with warm jogging bottoms. After all 2020 is definitely the year for loungewear and comfortable breathable clothes.

Cushion Love

Gavin treated me on my birthday to some Emma J Shipley cushions and I love them. The print is beautiful and the colours just work. I need to bring in some softer shades to bring all the colours of the sitting room together but I will get there.

I was kicking myself because the last time I went in homesence they didn’t have any. If I was working I would have just bought them but instead I was treated to these.

Yes, I was going to make some but I think I will just make my jungle cushions for my bedroom instead.

My bed

My last post was about bedding but I am a sleeper. I love my bed. If I could sleep 10 hours a day I would. At the moment I am trying to stick to a routine so that when I do go back to work it won’t feel so odd.

Not only was I kindly gifted some new bedding sheets from Portfolio Home but Gavin also bought me the Dunelm eiderdown for my birthday AND he brought us some new pillows which are heaven.

My first night with the beds all set up my head hit the pillow and I didn’t wake up till the next day which is unheard of for me!

My bed is definitely my favourite thing at the moment.

Bedding gifted


Is it weird that I am picking a vegetable as my favourite things? I put in all my stews and roast dinners. It’s wonderful. It’s in all the supermarkets at the moment and I am trying to pop it in everything.

I think Gavin may be getting sick of it but I just love the taste.

I bake all my stews in my Dutch oven on a low heat for a long time so all the meat is tender and the swede is perfectly cooked. I love winter food. both my mum and dad made delicious stews.

My walking shoes

We arent walking that far, just to the park and sometimes to the local supermarket but my walking shoes are so comfortable. I can wear them in any weather and best of all I can just slip them on my feet.

I bought them for snow boarding in France as a nice light weight trainer/ shoe. I took them to Japan and wore them on all our hikes and commuting. I bought them in TKMax and were worth every penny.

Kyoto Japan

A nice cup of tea

Sunday cuddles and cups of tea is keeping me going at the moment. Although I don’t have a job at the housework and cleaning is keeping me super busy. Eating 3 meals a day at home is a lot of washing up.

Plus I like cooking.

Every bit of stress or relaxing involves a nice cup of tea. If you are British you understand that we Brits are obsessed with tea, we still drink it more than coffee. If I am out in town I will always order a coffee because I am so fussy with me tea.

I like it strong, milky no sugar and if it’s not perfect I get so disappointed with myself.

Never mess with a Brit and their tea!

Tea isn’t tea without my little Frenchie

Lobster slippers

Yes, you heard me right. Lobster slippers. I love Lobsters, I love to look at them, eat them, I had a lobster door stop I have a lobster T-shirt. I just love them. So when my best friend bought me these gorgeous warm and fluffy slipper I was over joyed.

Laines London

I am fussy about my slippers and these are perfect the only problem is they are so pretty I don’t want to get them ruined. I know I need to get over that but I love them. Can’t wait to snuggle down, relax on the sofa, fire on, and my lobster slippers.

My skincare

I have been taking the time to use up all my skincare. I ran out of Elemis night team and discovered I had a decleor one just waiting to be opened. I feel like I am shopping my own home at the moment.

Gavin put me on a bit of a skincare ban when I came back from Japan. I did go a little crazy and I need to use it all up before I start buying again. I probably have a years worth easy.

I have started double cleansing and not only is it wonderful but the results are already starting to show through. My sister bought me a Halo face wipe and that’s been great too.

In summary

I missed November although most of the house bits I got for my birthday are from then. I can honestly say I I have used them and love them!

I want to wish you all well.

I am going to have a sit down and start planning the next year! When to apply for university, looking for a job and keep painting the house and making it look gorgeous!

This year has taught us a lot. What we need what we want and most importantly what we don’t need and want we don’t want.

I hope soon we get to hold our families and friend close. I hope people can eventually go back to a safe work place and travel without fear. I hope we all have learned the importance of kindness and love.

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