A moment in time: crimes against democracy

A moment in time is supposed to capture a good moment but not this time. As soon as the White terrorism in the Capitol erupted I was glued to the television, Twitter and @shaunking on Instagram. We flicked through the news until we slept, then the next morning we watched more horror stories erupt.

It broke my heart. I am anti Trump but I am pro democracy. Capitol Hill stands for so much, if that had happened at Westminster I would be outraged.


I was outraged for America.

Then I watched how it was handled. By a racist President and a biased racist police force who welcomed these terrorist into their house, their home, the beating democratic heart of America.

I am a Brit with an opinion about America and I can’t apologise for that.

The UK is a mess too. We also have a racist PM and biased racist police force.

The riots shook me to the core. My thoughts are with all those who wept at this atrocity.

If you support this form of terrorism then please don’t leave a comment. You can support who you want you shouldn’t support heinous actions.

I hope you are all safe and well.

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