Being busy is good for my mental health: healthy habits

I have been busy this week. Scrubbing the house, decluttering looking for jobs it’s been none stop. Before Christmas I was getting up when I wanted going to be late.

There is nothing wrong with coping however you want.

For me, being busy and organised means that I get to have weekends rather than days that blur into one.

Resetting the clock

I wanted to get up earlier but then I thought why?? Why do I want to get up earlier. People often talk about getting up earlier to be more proactive. But are they? Or do they just get more done before 12pm then go to bed at 9pm because they are tired.

If it works for you great, but I think a lot of people put pressure on everyone to get up early. I love my bed, I love sleeping. So I sleep till 8.30 and get ready for 9am.

I pop the coffee on, shower check my emails, I am job searching and also I am trying to keep my emails down.

Then I keep busy. I am either tidying, sorting through my portfolio or job searching.

Then I click off at 5.30-6pm and relax in the evenings or start dinner.

Less Stressed

So far I have felt less overwhelmed by what’s happing in the world as we are in tier four.

Like last time we are taking tier four seriously and only going out to exercise and food shopping.

Last week I achieved a lot and because we are both in the house cleaning is continuous. I am planning my week realistically.

But being busy feels good.

Gavin is also reacting positively. He is happy with how busy I and active I am. Plus the house is improving.

Jobs I plan on doing for the rest of January.

  • The dining room
  • The bedroom
  • Deep clean the carpets
  • Sort out the cupboards in kitchen

That doesn’t sound like a lot but you haven’t seen my dining room. It’s a a mess.

I want to get it looking nice so that we can’t start eating in the dining room again. I have a layout for the dining room that I want to try but we will see.

How have you been coping with this world wide stress?

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