Current trends 2021 that I can get behind

I am not in love with trends for the home but you can’t help but be influenced when it is everywhere. Your home is an investment wether you are renting or own your own. Last year I saw the clash of the design world with the heavenly maximalist homes with their bright colours, wallpapers contrasted with the 70s boho borderline minimalist vibe.

There are bits I love from both.

My home style is definitely more maximalist but there are things I do love about the 70s vibe. I love all the plants earth tones and the more natural materials. I like that next to velvets and patterns you can add accessories in raw linens, wools and stone.

I thought I would share with you some of 2021.I feel like all of the themes centre around the same idea and that is making a comfortable relaxing place for us to live 24/7.

Getting back to nature

This is one of my favoured themes ever. The idea of adding more plants into my home sends me to a happy place and next time I go to Aldi I will be picking up that mid sized house plant and not even Gavin can stop me. But nature doesn’t stop there it is all about using more natural elements cork, bamboo, clay, wood on your surfaces.

It’s thinking about investing in items that don’t harm the environment.

You can introduce into your home however you wish, you may have already started introducing more woven baskets, rattan ( not my cup of tea, especially with a black trim this 70s vibe already looks dated in my eyes). Wooden floors, wood and bamboo all over your home.

Stone vases and vessels where huge last year and feel free to fill you home with gorgeous ornaments in various earthy tones. I am very fond of the body vases in caramel tones but I don’t need it so my boobie plant holders and vase pots will have to do for me.

Shopping with a conscience

Echo friendly shopping is a trend thank goodness. sustainablity should not really be a trend it should be a staple. But people will always be frivolous with their purchases. We all know we should be more thoughtful with our purchases especially with our home. It’s easy to buy something to fill a void or try something cheaper before you invest but that all ends up in the landfill.

At the moment shopping second hand is tricky but it is still achievable. Online, Facebook marketplace and eBay are great for vintage pieces. Also if you buy antiques then you are already investing in furniture and nicnacs.

Being thoughtful abs buying something that you don’t deem as disposable is so important. It’s why I have an issue with fake plants! They don’t bring anything into your home but plastic for the landfill sorry I have a big issue with them.

They also look fake!

Shopping locally in lockdown is a no no but hopefully when it all gets back to normal we will also appreciate the experience of shopping. Of picking up items and visually placing them in your home before buying them. Every penny you spend in your home is an investment.

Dulux paint colours

Earthy tones

Now although this doesn’t suit my home and I am not a fan of orange and browns painted on my walls I do think a a beautiful pale tan can look really elegant, especially sitting next to some stronger blues and teals.

I also love all the greens and again they work well with more earthy browns and tans.

Anything reflective of nature is going to work in your home. If you don’t want to introduce these in your home with paint then if you bring in accents and accessories in the natural elements in the above section then you have already achieved this look.

Soft textures it’s time to get cozy

Wanting our homes to be cozy, safe and warm is no surprise. You can introduce this to your home with textures, velvets, boucles linens cottons. Everything that feels good to the touch you want in your home.

This is a trend we can all agree with and all get behind. In the UK it winter so blankets and cushions are a necessity in all homes. We gather around the fire place with a blanket and a plethora of cushions. We love it.


Arches and arcs

There is a difference, an arch is more structural and 3D where as an arc is drawn or painted on making is 3D. They suit the whole 70s vibe and not for me. I love this account pictures she really has a gorgeous boho vibe aesthetic. Everything is earth tones, natural elements, plants arcs and soft textures.

You won’t be find arches in my house except the architectural arch in our hallway. I do love the look and I like that it’s a quick and easy way to define an area but it doesn’t suit my home nor our style.

In summary

So from this you will know that it’s just about soft and cozy vibes throughout your home. Do as much or as little as you like but the most important thing is thinking about purchases that you actually want in your home.

Don’t buy things that don’t suit your house just because it’s a trend. You won’t see pampas grass in my home. I like it but I just don’t think it suits me, bunny tails however, I think are really cute. I still prefer plants but dried flower are still better than plastic.

So these are the trends I can get behind. I won’t ever be a minimalist but I won’t be buying things to fill my home. I do love a minimalist ideals, which is everything in your home should have purpose or you just love it! Marie Kondo house style.

Hope you are all safe and well. Are any of they trends you love or hate?

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