Garden update: new bulbs

For the last few years I have had Dahlias in the garden and during September they are my pride and joy. This year I plan to pop them in the garden and see how they grow. I know a good gardener would dig them out and look after them but I don’t have that much patience so I will just let nature take it’s course.

This year I bought a few bulbs and I should hopefully have some flowers ands plants for years to come. I normally buy my bulbs from Sarah Raven but as I am not working I thought it was best not to fill my basket. So instead I just added 4 plants from my Sainsburies shop.

We have snowdrops currently and we will have bluebells and daffodils soon and I can’t wait.

New bulbs

I am not sure how these will get on. I will follow the instructions and plant when it tells me too but I have ordered some agapanthus.

This is one of my favourite flowers I love it’s striking blooms, it spear heads as it grows. The colour is incredible and my neighbours garden has some that are just marvellous.

The second set I have bought are peonies, they wouldn’t let me select the colour but I am happy with the pink. One side of the garden is darker than the other but I am planning on planting them in opposite flower beds. I know this means they may not grow but it’s all trial and error with a garden.

Plus lots of plants are more robust than you give them credit for.


We are due show in the next few weeks so I will wait till after February to plant them so I avoid any frosts.

Agapanthus thrive in full sun and need 6-8 hours of sunlight each day so I will plant them at the foot of the beds. They do grow fairy tall so hopefully I will make the right decision.

Peonies like full sun, and though they can manage with half a day I may plant these in tubs and keep them on the deck as this is the sunniest spot. Or I could order some giant terracotta pots I have had my eye on.

More plants

I am going to sort out the front yard as well. We have a box plant that was totally destroyed by moths so I need to dig that up and replace it. I would also like to have a hanging basket at the front as well as retrain my clematis if it comes back.

I will make it a nice bee friendly basket so there is lots of choice for the bees abs butterflies.

I won’t be starting till it gets a bit warmer but they need to be in at the start of March.I really enjoy gardening but I am a complete novice. I bought top soil instead of compost so I need to buy some compost and mix it together so I don’t waste it.

My garden is the perfect size for the 3 of us we used it a lot last summer but I didn’t make the most of it. It needs to be cleared out and I need new cushions for the chairs. I think it will be a lovely place to work when it gets warmer. I need to make it a haven for me and Gavin.

Last summer, considering we were in quarantine was glorious weather wise and hopefully we will have a great spring summer this year.

Here’s hoping!

One response to “Garden update: new bulbs”

  1. Good luck to all the flowers! I’ve definitely had some bulbs that were way hardier than I expected – the daffodils I’m growing right now had been left in a bag on the balcony all summer in their old dirt, and still seem to be doing quite well.
    Are you getting anything started indoors so it can go right into the dirt when things warm up?


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