Celebrating the small things: Planning staycation holidays

I was talking to one of my best friends Jess about this year and appreciating the small things. We were discussing Chinese New Year, we ordered buns from the Bunhouse in London. Hers are coming on the 12th mine have already been devoured. We chatted about celebrating all the holidays even the random ones that no longer get a mention. I said it’s not something I would normally do as I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day but Jess is really passionate about food and booze.

She made me think that this year we really should make an effort especially as we can’t go anywhere. I have been rolling my eyes at Instagram and hearts everywhere. It’s really not my cup of tea.

Steaming in my rice cooker

I ordered the Valentine’s Day steak meal from Hawksmoor just to have as a treat. Their meat is so good and we are cutting down on red meat this year so this is a big exception for us. Plus it’s expensive I ordered the steak without alcohol because we have so many bottles of champagne that we rarely drink.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day goes against us. We have never done it in the 13 years ( in March) we have been together. So this will be a change for us. We may celebrate Saturday instead so that we can actually enjoy the champagne as Gavin has work the next day.

When Jess said she is celebrating all holidays she made me reevaluate my thought process. I have always been negative about Valentine’s Day and 2021 doesn’t need any more negativity. I thought with all the crap we have had in the last year and continuing this year. We should celebrate the small things. Why not. So I am going to go all out.

So I am going against the grain.

My own grain.

And celebrating the small stuff. It also gives my something to look forward to. I am now looking at other holidays we can celebrate with food and wine. Little staycations in the comfort of our home.

Stay safe and warm, it’s snowing this week. Are making any changes to what you celebrate?

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