New spending habit: saving up for a Chloe bag

I have a big birthday this year I am buying my first Chloe bag. I am in love with the classic equestrian style and so at the moment I am just researching size and leather. I have wanted one for the last year and although I haven’t gone anywhere and won’t be going anywhere soon, I really want a Chloe bag.

There are a lot of styles I love the Marcie Drew and Nile bags, they all have my favourite shapes and styles and I have been going back and forth and finally I decided that I wanted a tan Marcie bag. Cute and practical. Will go with everything in my wardrobe.

Then I saw the Chloe Hudson.

This is my dream bag it has nods towards the Marcie but I love the hooks on the side and the tassel on the front.

All in the details

I think this is the bag for me. It’s understated I wouldn’t want a designer bag with a monogram or obvious clasp. I want it in tan or brown or Neutral so it works with my wardrobe. I will also be buying second hand and I don’t want to pay more than £6-800 so this may mean I have to wait.

I am now stalking bags on secondhand sites.

Size matters

This is a bag for life type of bag not an Instagram bag.

I don’t want a tiny bag. If it doesn’t fit my phone a and wallet then what is the point of a bag at all. This is an investment not a trend piece I am looking at the small or medium. Because if it was a trend piece I would be about 4 years too late!

We carry a lot of shit around with us especially at the moment. Not that I am leaving the house much but a new bag needs to be practical.

My new spending habit

So I thought I would share how I am saving at the moment. It’s my new spending habit and it’s working for me.

Like everyone in the UK the only shopping I am doing is online. I am trying to spend less. But things often end up in my shopping basket. My new habit is to leave them in the basket until the next day. Then I think do I want this item…. do I need this item… or would I rather have my Chloe bag sooner.

So far I have put a side a chunk. I didn’t buy Caroline Hirons winter skincare kit I also didn’t buy some H & M items that I needed but not really. An amazing plant from Aldi which I may buy but only when my sitting room is done.

So that’s my saving.

I can still shop I just don’t buy! But I will.

Dress like a Sezane girl

My New Years resolution was to dress like I want. Not how I slum it on a regular basis. I am pretty classic with my look. Jeans, shirt, boots in winter brogues in summer. I swap between knee high boots, jumper and blazers.

What I have been wearing is lots of hoodies, leggings and tee shirts. For the last few years. It’s like I lost myself. I often blamed it on my job because I taught art I was always covered in paint. I only wore my nicer clothes when I wasn’t teaching.

I am not teaching anymore. It winter so I am still living in my hoodies and loungewear but when we rarely go into town to do the food shop I have started dressing up a bit more. I think the Hudson will suit my style perfect.

All the pretty colours

Getting some focus

I spent a while looking for which bags I wanted. Now I am saving up for my bag with my new habit. I need to narrow down the colour and the leather.

Now it’s a waiting game.

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