Trying to not over water my plants

I am trying to stick to a watering routine to keep my plants happy. I have some very thirsty plants so it’s hard to keep track off too much water Vs not enough. It’s hard and we have had some losses. I have an extremely tricky succulent that during the summer needs watering every day and during the winter looks like they have shrivelled up and dies but I know they will come back.

During the summer Gavin bought be some glass watering birds which are brilliant for anyone who struggles with watering. I bought cheap plastic ones but I have a lot of plastic guilt about this. As long I use them for a very long time it isn’t so bad but I am still not happy about it.

I love them, so every Sunday I am trying to check them and fill them up if they need it. It all so means that I water the other plants. I am trying not to over water my plants but with any living thing it’s a learning curve. Our bathroom gets the most light so currently 95% of our plants are in there trying to thrive.

I still have my poinsettia from Christmas. I don’t believe in throwing plants away just because they are looking a bit sad. Plus they remind me of Seychelles where they grow every where. Apparently they like light and dark. Trying not to over water them but they seem really thirsty all the time.

Even though the weather is changing it’s still cold at the moment and the plants aren’t happy about it but hopefully they will survive.

How does your indoor garden grow?

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