A moment in time: running with the birds

I went for a run today.

It was glorious, cold and sunny at the same time. A perfect winters day that felt like spring is almost here.

I had my music on, running my CouchTo5k app. I was doing it. At one point I was running a long my path and the gulls all took flight flying at the same time in the direction I was running.

The blue sky contrasted with there magnificent white and black bodies it felt like was running in the air with them. They were a few meter away and I had a big goofy smile on my face.

It was a magic moment.

I felt elation for the first time in months.

I hope you have a good day.

About DP

Hi, I am Dana. I am dyspraxic trying to function and get organised in my dysfunctional world. I don’t shy away from technology but I do have a preference for all things paper and analog. I am trying to organise our lives through my bullet journal, travel around the globe and save money!!! Impossible I know. I have a hard time believing that you should spend a fortune on one day. So, with my creative skills and frugality I will hopefully create my dream wedding without getting into debt. My bullet journal has been a life saver, so much that I now have 3. One for life, one for wedding planning and my last for this blog. I am lost without them. I have a wonderful partner, two fur babies ( Manhattan and Frank) a full time job that I love and my love of blogging. Please bear with me with my spelling and grammar I do proof read about 4 times but I still miss things. I won’t be offended if you correct me. So that’s me, I draw and teach art to both kids and adults and I believe anyone can create anything you just have to practice. I have had to try and try at organising, that is why I am the Dysfunctional Planner.

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