How I am choosing my Chloe bag

A few blogs back I mentioned I was buying a Chloe bag. I have wanted one for years, I loved the Drew, the Nile and I had my heart set on a Marcie because it was similar with my style.

Then I saw the Hudson.

Man this is an insanely perfect bag. I fell in love immediately. I love that it is cross body which is my favourite type of bag. I like to be hands free and my bag to be secure. I have always loved Chloe’ s horsey vibe aesthetic and as a boot and blazers type of girl it just suits my style. I aim for a bohemian vintage horsey look ha ha that sounds insane but then I guess that me.

I love colour and print and am not afraid of mixing styles at all. I have a few of my favourite dresses that I live in during the summer and then I am jeans person. I am very practical person, I don’t wear shoes I can’t walk. I don’t buy clothes I won’t wear till they fall apart.

Living in London for the last 13 years has just made me hyper aware of being secure. Which also makes me want a subtle bag.

Let’s get back to the Hudson

The Hudson comes in a few sizes and believe it or not I found it fairly hard the difference in sizes. I read a few very unhelpful blogs that would tell me everything and told me nothing.

Mini Hudson

– Width: 7.1”/ 18 cm
– Height: 7.1″ / 18 cm
– Depth: 2.8″ / 7 cm
– Min. strap length: 15.7″ / 40 cm
– Max. strap length: 21.7″ / 55 cm

Small Hudson

– Width: 9” / 23 cm
– Height: 9″ / 23cm
– Depth: 3.2″ / 8cm
– Min. strap length: 15.7″ / 40 cm
– Max. strap length: 21.7″ / 55 cm

Medium Hudson

– Width: 11”/ 28cm
– Height: 10”/ 25.5cm
– Depth: 3.3 “/ 8.5cm
– Min. strap length: 15.7″ / 40 cm
– Max. strap length: 21.7″ / 55 cm

Size matters

I don’t want a tiny bag. If it doesn’t fit my phone and a book and my bullet journal then I don’t want it. So I am looking at the small or medium. This is bag I plan to use all the time. This isn’t a save for best bag.

What I normally carry in a bag:

  • Bullet journal
  • Pen and pencil
  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • House keys
  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitizer & wipes
  • Tissues
  • Headphones
  • First aid kit ( size of my wallet)
  • Book maybe
  • Water bottle
  • Mints
  • Lip balm / lipstick
  • Reusable shopping bag

That sounds like a lot but that’s just the basics. When I do get my bag I may think about buying a flat a5 water bottle so it fits in my back without taking up too much room.

So it between the small and medium. I don’t want to overfill my bag but I do want to use it. I have my little Hugo Boss bag that I love. It fits everything listed except my books and water bottle so ideally my next bag will be bigger. It’s also a royal blue and goes with everything.

Choosing leather Vs suede

I love love love the suede look, the colours are softer and wonderful.

Now you can protect suede, it doesn’t have to be the be all and end all of it rains. However I do live in England where it rains a lot. A lot a lot. This is also a bag I want to use everyday but it will never wear as nicely as leather. So I think for my first bag it should be a smart choice not a frivolous ones.

As for colour, I want green a dark green so that it goes with everything and is subtle. Green is my favourite colour and I need to wear more of it.

How I am choosing my Chloe bag


Very carefully that’s for sure. I want something beautiful that I will have for years. It’s a big chunk of money but it’s also will celebrate a milestone.

I am searching for a Chloe Hudson small or medium in a tan or dark green. I will be happy with any of these scenarios. I am searching on second hand stores that have proof of purchase.

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