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Easter weekend plans: home and garden updates

When I sit down to write, I try and do some different each time. I have come to realise that I am being too hard on myself. Not a lot is happening at the moment so I need to just focus on what I am up to and how everything is going. A bit like a diary entry without the “dear diary”.

Painting and decorating. This last week I have been busy. The sitting room is half painted and on Sunday I am finishing the walls. Nothing too exciting but after that’s done I need to touch up the ceiling and paint the windows and trim.

Then I need to gut the room, mop and hoover and start putting things back in place and make the sitting room look lovely again. It have been far too long. After I complete that I will have to paint a wall in the dining room and then it’s on to tackling the kitchen.

In the garden I need to train my roses along the fence. We have an arch way and I would love for it to be filled with roses. I did try and train it with ivy but now I don’t want ivy climbing the walls in case it damages it. I may try filling those pots with bulbs and keep the ivy trailing down.

I ripped up the boxhedge which was at the front. The moths had attacked it and it has been dead for the last 6 months. I am going to plant some tulip bulbs for next spring and then some summer bulbs so that we get some plants year after year. They only get morning light so I will have to pick carefully.

Cleaning and Eating. I did finally tackle my art room/ dining room. The table is clearing I still have a lot of boxes where I need to store my art supplies but it’s tidy and on Easter Monday we will be Eating our delicious Marks and Spencer Feast.

On Saturday we had family in the garden. We ate and chatted for hours ( due to Covid restrictions it had to be outside) it was a cold day. It even threatened rain and at around 5pm we even got some sun rays. It was a really lovely. I dressed the table and made some really weird origami bunny napkins. Gav lit the BBQ smoker at 9am so the food would be ready for 2pm. We have spatchcock chicken, pork ribs and some smoked sausages and it was all really good home cooked food.

Have a lovely Easter and if you don’t celebrate just enjoy this weekend!

About DP

Hi, I am Dana. I am dyspraxic trying to function and get organised in my dysfunctional world. I don’t shy away from technology but I do have a preference for all things paper and analog. I am trying to organise our lives through my bullet journal, travel around the globe and save money!!! Impossible I know. I have a hard time believing that you should spend a fortune on one day. So, with my creative skills and frugality I will hopefully create my dream wedding without getting into debt. My bullet journal has been a life saver, so much that I now have 3. One for life, one for wedding planning and my last for this blog. I am lost without them. I have a wonderful partner, two fur babies ( Manhattan and Frank) a full time job that I love and my love of blogging. Please bear with me with my spelling and grammar I do proof read about 4 times but I still miss things. I won’t be offended if you correct me. So that’s me, I draw and teach art to both kids and adults and I believe anyone can create anything you just have to practice. I have had to try and try at organising, that is why I am the Dysfunctional Planner.

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