No buy month, can I do it?

I may have been a bit spendy this month. Fabric, rugs, baskets, bras. So now I need to stop.

I am banning myself from buying anything other than food for 30 days. I don’t need anything and I need to stop digging into my savings. If I get into university then I will be broke for two years so every penny counts. It’s a no buy month for me.

I have tried these before and been good so I am confident that I can do it. But when I am bored I flick through Instagram and Pinterest, I watch YouTube videos where influencers try to sell me things. It’s not easy to not spend especially when you have more time on my hands.

So the exception is food and drink and one other, my Chloe bag. If my dream bag turns up then I will buy it. Also I am off to the garden Center but I have a budget and a list.

But nothing else. No bargains, no eBay no Amazon. No home edits. Nothing.

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