Sitting room refresh and updates

It’s been a busy week. I have not stopped and feel really good for it. My sitting room is 95% complete, the walls are painted. The clutter removed. All I have left to do it paint the corner above the window and hang my pictures and it’s done. It looks like a bigger room. I am so happy with it.

Star Wars art prints

I still want shelves above the tv but I will need to convince Gavin of that. The colour is Dulux Teal tension and we love this blue, it changes in the light abs can sometimes look navy. The main colour is supposed to be cookie dough also by Dulux but B&Q didn’t have the colour so I had to get them to mix it at Valspar. It came out a little pinker than the original but we like it so it’s staying.

When all the painting was complete I took the opportunity to only put things in the room that belong there. All the books have gone. Everything is now in its place. My dying philodendron is now in a sunnier spot so hopefully she will survive. It has been cold the last few days so it is nice to have the fire on and relax on the sofa.

Now all the books have been moved to the dining room so that needs to be tackled tomorrow.

Simply styled mantle

Every time we get our shopping delivered I use it as an excuse to clean out the fridge and reorganise all the food. Not very exciting but very satisfying to see all the food in order. The side are all wiped down and dinner was prepped at 4pm so I have a nice tidy kitchen with the exception of a few paint cans that I should keep in the shed.

We have a compost bin. It has been hidden behind piles of twigs and garden bags for about a year now. One of my first jobs this week was to organise the green bin collection we have to pay for but it’s better for the environment. Gavin chopped down all the branches and put them in bags so I now have access to the compost bin. I do need to buy a little caddie but that will have to wait till next month. My green food waste will now be going straight in the compost bin.

Spending habits it’s been 4 days now and no online shopping which is good for me. I just need to keep it up! 26 days to go!

That’s just a little update from me, stay safe.

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