Once you start, I just get more inspired

Once you start you cant stop is the obvious response. with me, its not really the case. once I start i get so inspired that I want to develop it more. I think about other projects, just like this blog challenge I want to write them all now so that i can complete it.

I am a hungry creative. Always thinking about the next challenge when I haven’t finished the current project. This drives my husband mad. When I worked it was fast paced so it turned out to be a positive mind set.

So what is my next challenge….

…….once I start

……Its decluttering. How dull is that. My home is too much at the moment, so its time to declutter and cut back. I wont be throwing anything away that I love, my style will always be maximalist because we generally buy what we love. But it’s too much.

So once I start I just get more and more inspired.

Pinterest inspo

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