Out of this world : Star Wars and interior design

So firstly, May the Forth be We You. My husband is a geek, and me too. He loves Star Wars it’s his favourite. So when it came to moving in together I don’t believe in hiding away what you love. You should show it off.

If it isn’t to your taste then put it in a place you don’t often look at but your partner can. I like Star Wars too, I don’t want a theme room or house. so instead of hiding it away. Gavin often gets Star Wars gifts we have 3 amazing prints gifted to him and they are pride of place in our living room.

Star Wars Art Prints

He also have five lightsabers in the they are in a box just resting against the wall. Gavin likes and so do i. I could have just created a gallery wall in his office but instead I put them in a room we frequently use. Lucky our friends have excellent taste in Prints but we are running out of wall space and I do need some more texture on the walls but that is just encouraging me to to paint and draw more.

I am currently obsessed with moons and constellations so maybe I just need to paint the perfect spacescape.

Do you celebrate your geeky side in your home?

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