We have no wine here

When we were buying our home, Gavin found a wine rack. Now a normal wine rack can hold about 6 bottles of wine, but that wasn’t good enough for Gavin. Instead, he bought a 60 bottle champagne rack. I would like to tell you its not full but we have bottles on the floor waiting to go up.

We have our special wines and a fair few champagnes. Our everyday wines don’t end up here. We do favour Reds, especially rioja and malbecs. But you will see some rosé and the odd bottom of white.

I am on a bit of a hunt for the perfect Rosé. So far my favourite is Mirabeaux, but I did find Graham Nortons Rosé easy to drink which inspired me to to try Kylie’s rosé and I treated myself to a bottle of Whispering Angel which I may crack open tomorrow.

Our dining room is fairly dark and our wine is in a nook next to the fireplace, furthest away from the window. We love our wine rack. When we get to have more people round ( with restrictions lifting) and drink the wall! Thats the plan anyway. We love that our wine wrack is a statement piece. It suits our home and dining room.

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