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In Case you didn’t know; My dog makes my home

As a cat person who just has a dog, it surprised me, How much I love my dog . He is a little bundle of joy. If I could have another French bulldog with Franks temperament I would in a heart beat, he is a great little dog.

I have talked about Frank a lot. He is a happy rescue as in he needed a new home because his owner was moving into a small flat and she already had two older dogs. She chose to give up her puppy and she came round to see our home, to make us promise to look after him.

He was a shy little thing.

We got Frank just before his first birthday and he was so nervous. All though is last owner loved her little dog she didn’t take him out much so he has a few social issues when it comes to people. He is terrified of most men and generally doesn’t like strangers which in the current climate of dog thefts doesn’t bother me.

He is a nervous dog with people but with dogs he is a pure joy. If your dog barks at him him he won’t react, his ball is his favourite and that’s all he cares about sometimes and other times he wants to play with other dogs. We used to take him into central London on buses and tubes and he is pretty good with people there. He just tucks himself away and most people don’t notice him because he is so quiet.

We take him out to socialise him but also because, like all French Bulldogs, he hates to be alone. They are a clingy breed that just want to be by your side at all times. He has a few skin flare ups and is a complete pig when it comes to food.

Frenchies have lots of health issues. His breathing can get bad, he overheats on hot days ( a tepid bath brings his temperature down quickly and safely) he farts all the time and has been to the vets a lot with small issues like glands and his skin.

For those who want a lazy dog then this is not the one for you! They love to walk and play and meet other dogs especially other frenchies. Frenchies get bored and need to be entertained and a quick walk around the block and a longer one in the park means we have a very happy boy. Frank has crazy time where he plays rough and then he will snooze the rest of the day.

We had one rule when we both worked that that frank couldn’t be left alone after 6pm. So after work we would go home. If we wanted to go to the pub then one of us would pick him up on the way. If we wanted to eat out then we checked for dog friendly venues. Lots of restaurants in London are dog friendly so thats great. Plus most outside venues cater to people who love their dogs.

Frank definitely makes us a family, and our home is a happier place because of it.


Dogs are much more of a commitment then cats. Sadly with restrictions easing dog charities are predicting that our pets are going to suffer from separation anxiety which may end up in lots of people giving up their dogs and cats.

This disgusts me completely.

A pet is a family member but people are too impatient, they always have been.

pets are not a trend.

They are also Not for profit, please don’t get a dog or cat in order to breed them.

Breeds should never be fads! Yea I know my dog is a fad dog however we rescued him and have not abandoned him and never will.

There are many reasons people have to give up their pets, sometimes it’s out of their control. We almost got another frenchie because a family split up. The woman did not want to give up her pet but had to move into flat with her young daughter where they didn’t take dogs. She was distraught. Circumstances changed and she managed to keep her dog.

Pets are expensive, vet bills can be astronomical. So don’t get a pet unless you can afford them.

Abandoned cats and dogs come with issues the main one is always believing that they will be abandoned again.

Both my old cat and Dog are rescues.

So many animals need good homes.

If I had a bigger house I would have more dogs and cats, even chickens if Gav would let me!

Both Frank and Manhattan have been the most loving pets. Timid but loving and happy to finally have a loving home.

About DP

Hi, I am Dana. I am dyspraxic trying to function and get organised in my dysfunctional world. I don’t shy away from technology but I do have a preference for all things paper and analog. I am trying to organise our lives through my bullet journal, travel around the globe and save money!!! Impossible I know. I have a hard time believing that you should spend a fortune on one day. So, with my creative skills and frugality I will hopefully create my dream wedding without getting into debt. My bullet journal has been a life saver, so much that I now have 3. One for life, one for wedding planning and my last for this blog. I am lost without them. I have a wonderful partner, two fur babies ( Manhattan and Frank) a full time job that I love and my love of blogging. Please bear with me with my spelling and grammar I do proof read about 4 times but I still miss things. I won’t be offended if you correct me. So that’s me, I draw and teach art to both kids and adults and I believe anyone can create anything you just have to practice. I have had to try and try at organising, that is why I am the Dysfunctional Planner.

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