Flower Shower, it’s not all for the gram

I do love flowers but I hate throwing them away. I hate maintaining them only to watch them shrivel and die. They now end up in my compost bin but this year I have started treating myself to more flowers in the home. A few stocks and carnations to fill my vases, I change the water frequently to try and get more than a week out of them.

Growing plants I have a lot more faith in. I like growing and putting more life into the world through plants and flowers especially if it helps the bees. I love this clematis, it is so beautiful and I am trying to propagate it and grow lots of plants instead.

Obviously this photo is totally styled up for Instagram!! I was moving the cutting into the bathroom to keep it alive before the rooting powered and potting mix arrives this week. Then I thought I could rap it around the shower and thought it was really pretty, so snap! Today’s gram prompt is Flower Shower. I didn’t have a plan so when the inspiration hit me I explored it.

I love this photo. It’s ridiculous and beautifully at the same time.

This is what I have learned about propagating clematis, firstly don’t do it when it’s flowering! I am but I will be back for more cuttings after it has flowered to see how they grow!

Flowers In The Shower

Propagation tips:

  • Cut in the mornings so that the plant is at its best.
  • Cut a section that is not too woody but has this seasons growth
  • Late spring is the best time to cut
  • Cut beneath the nodes
  • Make sure there is not too much on top or the energy will go the flowers/ leaves instead of the roots, one leaf will suffice
  • Use a root hormone and plant in soil
  • Keep them in a high humidity bright space

So that it what I am going to do. I am going to take this cutting, I have a leafy one too that I am going to propagate. Gardening is learning curve, you just have to try and see how you get on.

2 responses to “Flower Shower, it’s not all for the gram”

  1. I think I probably leave too many leaves on! Need to get some more cuttings and try again.
    What’s been the most surprising cutting you’ve gotten to root?

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    1. Apparently one is enough! It’s all about focusing the energy to the roots! But spring is the perfect time.
      Most surprising was my chrysanthemums they lived for 5 months in a jar!!


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