A picture is worth a thousand words

My favourite art work in my home is the piece I have above my fireplace. It’s by Ana Juan who is an incredible Spanish artists who’s work you may have seen on the cover of the New Yorker. Her style is so distinct and storytelling.

I found this huge print in a charity shop in Hampton court. it was in this same frame and cost £15. I was with my friend Katie at the the time who said it looked like me, Gavin and my cat Manhattan. So I had to buy it. Then i had to carry it from Hampton court to Archway during rush hour. I was so scared that someone would smash it or I would drop it.

I fell completely in love with it.

It has been with me for two homes and I will take it will me where ever I go. When i repainted the sitting room i tried to move it to a new home but Gavin got upset. He loves it over the fireplace and so do I, I just wanted a change.

Ana Juan Paga Tu

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