Curio: Skulls and the cosmos

I have always been a secret goth. Skulls, metal and rock music, the cosmos and curiosities are my favourite things. Gavin bought me a cows skull for my 30th and I screamed with delight ( he can be so thoughtful), I am fascinated with skulls and bones. I would have more in my home if there was room for it. I have seen a few people with curiosity cupboards and i would love to stage something like that in my home.

Last year, working from home and dealing with my dogs digestive system the room would get stinky. Nothing seemed to work but he liked to sleep on my feet and I never had the heart to move him. Scented candles didn’t cover any unwanted smells so I decided that incense may be the key. I found a box of nag champa and watched as the ash went everywhere. So I had a look through and found a cool palm reading hand to light my nag champa on and I like the style of it.

My best friend bought me some bride and groom fine china mugs for an engagement present. They are so pretty and take pride of place on my mantle-piece. She was surprised that I left them their but I love them. when it comes to interior design I think you should showcase what you love and these two mugs are exquisite plus I would hate it if they got chipped.

When it comes to your home it should be filled with what you love!

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