Meet me inside my little hallway

My hallway is tiny. 3 meters long and 1m wide. The front door at one end the stairs the other but inbetween are my beautiful tiles. When we have guests we have to usher them through because there is no room to take their coats. So no one ever gets to appreciate our little hall with its ornate plaster, lettering and coat hooks we painstakingly chased down.

I do love my hallway.

It does need a fresh kick of paint.

In a dream scenario I would like want to panel it with tongue and groove or paint a tree Muriel on it but Gavin is happy with just paint and because it’s so bijou I am happy to just hang a few more pictures and repaint the walls.

The floor tiles aren’t original but they are in keeping with the house, traditional style tiles were used into the hallway.

Someone once asked me what my favourite room was and I said the hallway.

It’s the easiest to clean and has so many lovely features.

When we were looking for a home I said I would like a hallway and a porch, we are luck we got both.

What’s your favourite room in your home?

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